29 June 2008

Malaysia Waves: Isn’t Saiful Bukhari Physically Stronger than Anwar?

All normal men, (not a homosexual), i guess we will definately avoid advances from the same sex. I wonder why did Saiful Bukhari allowed DSAI to sodomised him, assumingly it did happen, unless he consented the act. From the pics that was posted in a number of blogs, i can see that he is pysically strong and healthy, I am sure he could pysically push DSAI, if he is violated (as if he put up a struggle). Have any of us sit to ponder, how on earth did DSAI stripped him naked,unless he stripped himself to be sodomised. Again, lets not drag religion as an issue here, (unless the trial goes to the Syariah court), which i strongly believe that the case will be thrown out of court. Saiful is just a opportunist! He sees theres no better way climbing up the political ladder easier than this.Its sad to see that to what extent people would do(even it means facing the consequences of shame) to achieve their goals.Sad.......real pathetic and lame.

rocky's bru: If you believed in the Statutory Declaration ...

Not in a million years would i believe that DSAI is a sodomite. Why should he jeopodize is uprising? And as for our police force, credible? After the recent rape and molest in the police station.Well its not the first such incident though. You got to be joking. How on earth are we,as citizens, trust the police force with such incident. Then we have the judiciary, with the VK Lingam case, and the recent confession of some judges accusing the former PM of having control of the judiciary, who and how are we to actually have faith in? How are we ever going to come to terms with the BN lead government,its going to take a long long time for them to win back the trust and confidence of the rakyat.A total fiasco of incompetent clowns with an overflow of garbage and shit in the brains that has and will lead to the downfall of BN on the whole.

Hamidah Osman"s racial slur-malaysiakini.com

Again and again we have such racist remarks from the very people who speaks so much of upholding the religion and race they represent. Hamidah Osman has not only tarnished her own reputation and status as a MP, but worst the whole Malay race and religion. When will they learn how to respect and be more sensitive with issues concerning racial sentiments? She thinks by just making a public apology will heal all wounds? The damage is more than she realize, it's deeper than she thinks,especially with the current state the country is in. As a muslim (convert)myself ,i am ashamed, that a fellow muslim like her could be so inconsiderate and insensitive towards the other races who live and breathe the same air in this country. I for one would love to see that MPs such as her removed from their seats. And to all MALAYSIANS, let it be the Malays, Indians, Chinese and Others, remember we are one, that's MALAYSIANS!

23 June 2008

Philosophy Politics Economics: Teachers & Students Threatened

Pathetic! Shameless & Arrogant! The said school should know better than to get themselves involved in politics. Its afterall just a reunion. What is the government afraid of? It only proves one thing, that the government is so vulnerable and weak that such tactics is needed to prevent their downfall. If any for us can recall during the elections, the government issued a stern warning to students forming a party, infact they were threathend of explusion. I guess the country is heading more to dictatorship ruling. This is said to be a free and democratic country, but it looks like the present style of leadership is nothing but suppression. Sadly, the innocent is victimised due to political rivalry and ideas. Cant wait for the 13th GE.

21 June 2008

rocky's bru: Anwar's Malay agenda (what you read in Singapore papers)

I have been reading blogs, new papers and in malaysiakini.com blogs, so much about "ketuanan " Malay agenda, and many other agendas about the race. I am no politician nor expert( for that matter, no one is, in my opinion) to judge others. I believe only in real true experience are we to see for ourselves, here is a simple and true experience i have gone through. The difference between the goreng pisang seller and the char kuih teow seller(normally chineses) that i know of. The goreng pisang seller(mostly malays) works as he likes, meaning he does his business whenever he feels like even knowing for the fact that he has a family he is responsible to raise. He even potray himself as a pious and responsible man. Yet he gambles his earnings away. He tends to take advantage of others by cheating or lying. The real victim is his wife and children. I can see that they do hope for handouts or charity just to have a proper meal. According to his wife, they were once well off, with a business supplying electrical goods, owns a car and house, even a piece of land. Everything was lost due to the goreng pisang seller. Whereas the char kuih teow seller is more sucessful, he manages his business like a professional, planning his earnings for the future, venturing or expanding his business.Well discipline, work from day to night. Owns a car, house and even giving adequate money for education to his children. The moral of this story is, why do we need to have previlages when others can do without it? Just figure out why some race are more sucessful(EVEN WITHOUT PREVILAGES) and why some who are given and is still dependant.

28 TO GO!

DSAI's recent blog at malaysiakini.com, he mentioned of only 28 more MPS for Pakatan to have a simple majority to govern the country. Honestly, i wouldnt want to get all excited about it, even though i would love to see that this happen but with a different way. Having a simple majority has its pros and cons, infact the government will always be threatened by defection,and a new government has to be formed hence the country will be unstable in every manner, economically, socially and worst of all the rakyat are the victims, as what the BN government is facing now even with quite a comfortable majority.

Lets make up our minds and support a government that will lead us out of the current crisis. If its going to be Pakatan( surely) give them a strong mandate in order to lead this country, bring those responsible for the situation the country is in now ( fuel, food, social ills and corruption) is at its worst. The rakyat has to be united as one(MALAYSIANS) imaterial of what colour, origin, race or religion they are from to decide for our future generation to come.

With just having 28MPs to defect and have Pakatan as the new leaders wont do, i guess we can do better than that. Slowly but surely a new government will replace the BN, and hopefully it can govern the country with the task and responsibility given to them by the rakayt. And as for the BN coalition partners, MCA, MIC,Gerakan and others at Sabah and Sarawak, please consider joining the Pakatan, UMNO has infact destroyed the very coalition formed by their founders, who had enjoyed the people's trust. They had their opportunity to prove to us(rakyat) but fail miserably. So give the Pakatan or others a chance to prove themselves.

15 June 2008


I came across a few issues recently regarding of converts in the media and some blogs in malaysiakini.com. In the past few years we read that in some cases the deceased of a convert is taken away from their family by relevant authorities for burial according to muslim rites. And recently there were issues regarding of converts wanting to go back to their original religion due through divorce or death. It's sad to see such situation, as the family is not aware of their spouse, or siblings conversion of religion. I have been a convert for almost 20 years now, and still a muslim, honestly and sincerely the relevant bodies, have not made it clearly to new converts of the consequences and also not given proper guidances and followup of their progress as a convert. And to make matters worse, the very people or fellow muslims who are all regarded as brothers and sisters are not making things easier for converts. They infact confuse converts like me. They dont pratice what they preach. Accusation such as i am not a good muslim, only by name. Well, maybe i am not a perfect muslim, but it's muslim like this, that gives a bad image to others. The sad thing about this, is the couple is only in their 20s, and i am 48. Is this what Islam taught them? Is this the fault of their upbringing? What happen to the respect,culture and humbility of being a muslim? Infact i regarded this family as mine. I really hope that muslim converts are given better guidances and not be treated any different with other muslims.

11 June 2008

rocky's bru: No More Fuel Hike for 2008

The PM has been so inconsistent with his decisions, or should i say a big LIAR! Nothing he can say or do would change the mindset of the rakyat. Over and over again he has proven that what he doesnt pratice what he preaches. When he decides to make an announcement to the rakyat, he doesnt seem to think of the implication or consequences of his actions, that would reflect his character.just to mention a few, firstly he lied about the date of the General Election, then with his famous "flip flop" of banning and disbanning petrol sales to foreign cars followed by the sudden price hike of fuel, when he the day before the hike he said that it would be in August. Lastly and it is the worst political error as the PM, Oh my god the no.1 to come out with such cost saving plan, that his cabinet was also making sacrifice with a 10% cut of their allowances and PAID HOLIDAYS limited to Asean countries. Sacrifice? Who is he kidding? Obviously, he is not cut out to be a leader. Either he has a bad advisor or he just read out what text that has been prepared for him. Pathetic! I m proud to be a malaysian, but ashamed that the no.1 is a lauging stork of the nation.

08 June 2008

rocky's bru: To wear or not to wear the Songkok?

Why should the songkok be an issue, its just a traditional headgear used by the malays. If thec DAP being in the pakatan is in the future going to govern the country they will not make a trival issue of it. We have all come a long way since independance, living, sharing ,respecting each others culture and religion pratice. Its sad to even think that YB LKS and the party itself would want to make an issue of the songkok, I for one, see that there is hope for this nation, when the pakatan was formed, Its this very party (DAP)that has been challenging the rights of being one, MALAYSIANS, now who is being racists. It looks like DAP is not a multiracial party afterall. YB LKS i sincerely hope that you for one who has lead your party would not mislead the nation and drag the other pakatan partners or leaders down, and being labeled hyporites by the voters who has put hope and trust in the pakatan.

05 June 2008

The Perfect combination! Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim & Tun Dr Mahatir

With the recent General election results which the ruling party, BN ,lead by Badawi, failing miserably, the country on the whole is heading towards racial, social and economy turnmoil. The Chinese, Indians, Malays and smaller ethnic race are divided. To add to all these woes, leaders of the ruling party representing the rakyat are squabbling among themselves. The end results to these problems would leave the rakyat as victims, and this would eventually cause racial tension among the once peaceful and harmonious atmosphere which we as rakyat has benefited and enjoyed for decades.
I am no politician nor expert to judge others, but even as a layman its obvious that the rakyat on the whole is experiencing the worst crisis since independance. Honestly, the ruling government has failed with the responsibilities entrusted to them by the rakyat.
I wish to see that leaders putting their differences aside for the sake of the rakyat and nation. And the best combination to lead this country would be no other than Tun Dr Mahathsir and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim themselves. Tun with his excellent leadership and management economically and DSAI with his charisma and strong relationship overseas, which i believe would bring foreign investors back to the country. Let's practice what we preach, so dearest Tun and DSAI put your differences aside, lets not be selfish and greed blind you from saving and putting this nation back from where it was or maybe even greater in the world.
And i believe that some of you will not agree to my opinion, but lets be realistic, its better trying than just waiting for the right leader to emerge, by then it will too late. TDM and DSAI in away can also repent for their mistakes or wrong doing in the past if any.
Iskandar Vincent