17 August 2008

Respect & Sensitive!Malaysiakini

Let us forget the Permatang Pauh by election, DSAI, Saiful or for that matter our country's political fiasco aside. If our leaders today is not able to unite the people as one, Malaysians, I guess we have to do it ourselves. In their quest for dominance and power they have all forgotten RESPECT & Being SENSITIVE to one another. Is this what was taught to us or them in particular by our forefathers or religion for that matter. Here are some examples that should have not happen but it did, WHY?

1. An MP making racial slur.

2. Teacher making racial slur. A teacher is like a foster parent to any student, we place our trust in teachers to guide, teach and in some cases discipline our children. This particular teacher has not only given the teaching profession a bad image but also in some way created hatred among races. I guess she needs guidance and discipline more than her students.

3. Students marching on the streets when they could have protest their grouses in a more civilised manner, maybe through the University Chancellor. Is this what we want from our children, leave the politicking to the politicians.

4. Don't we have any respect for religion anymore, as seen recently, the swearing on the Quran. The Mosque is a place of worship, and the Holy Quran is suppose to guide us of the teachings of Islam and not be used as a tool to convince others of one's innocence.

5. The Bar Council Forum, blown out of context, when it could have been avoided in a amicable manner. Demonstrators, made sensitive calls for other race to leave the country. Don;t they realise that there are millions in this country who too are citizens, and some have also contributed in some way or another for the growth and prosperity of the country that we all share as MALAYSIANS!

These are only a few of them, I believe there are many more that can be added to this list, I guess our only desire is to have a peaceful and prosperous place to live and earn we all want to call ours, MALAYSIA. Is this so much to ask for?

16 August 2008

In Full Force.Malaysiakini.

The BN machinery is out in full force to deny DSAI a win in the Permatang Pauh by election. Never have I seen such a big turnout on nomination day. All of the BN component party big guns was present. MCA, MIC and Gerakan. The battle begins! I really don't see DSAI losing but ,what kind of dirty tactics and personal attack would come out of this by election? Even the DPM said that in politics nothing is impossible. I wonder what he meant by that. The BN will definitely harp on the sodomy issue, toll and the recent UITM proposal by the Selangor MB. DSAI's former aide, Ezam vows to expose great secrets of his ex boss. Nothing much that we already knew,

1. DSAI had betrayed his race, religion and country by opposing the New Economic Policy.

2. DSAI is the first Malay leader to have criticised and opposed the NEP.

3. The six boxes which were supposedly under his safe keeping is not with him but with DSAI. He now says that he only knew about it.

He also stressed that it is important for the people of Permatang Pauh to choose a leader of integrity. Well said, but I believe coming from EZAM, it is his integrity, betrayal and credibility that is in question now.

I really don't see any use of Ezam, Najib,Samy Vellu and Koh Tsu Koon being there(Permatang Pauh) as it will only cause more damage than good for BN's chance of winning. Well I guess we are going to have one hell of a battle in the coming weeks before the polling day. The people of Permatang Pauh knows best and I trust and believe they will choose a leader based on merits as what they have done in the past elections.

Confused, Liar, Or Plain Stupid!Malaysiakini.

The so called most important sodomy victim, Saiful sweared on the Quran that he was sodomised against his will by DSAI at the Federal Territory Mosque accompanied by his father and relatives. This young man is either confused, lying or plain stupid. Contradictory facts,

1. DSAI was charged with sodomy under section 377B ( meaning having consensual sex against the order of nature). But Saiful repeatedly said that it was against his will. Now, will the charge against DSAI stand? - CONFUSED??

2. It was reported that Saiful was sodomised on several occasion ,the last being on the 26th 0f June 2008 at a Condominium in Damansara. When asked by the press after the swearing ceremony if that was the first time he was sodomised,(26th June 2008) he replied Yes. - LIE

3. Saiful's swearing on the eve of nomination day is seen as political motivated, but he denied saying that it was coincidence and he was not aware of the by election. Another lie, in his blog he did wish DSAI good luck, obviously he was aware of DSAI 's candidacy in Permatang Pauh.

I being a convert, I may not be the perfect muslim but I still find it hard to accept that the Mosque is used as a platform by politicians, the Quran , like all other holy books ,from other religion are for guidance and wisdom not be used to convince or proof one's innocence. We have the Syariah and Civil court for that purpose.

Something Out Of Nothing! Is It Worth It?Malaysiakini

Something Out Of Nothing! Is it Worth It? Malaysiakini.
In my 48 years of existence in Malaysia, I do not know what to feel anymore with the current situation of the country. Take for instance the sodomy issue between DSAI & Saiful, why, does it have to go this far, not enough with worldwide publicity, now, swearing on the Quran, even religion is not spare, being used as a tool for gain.

For the past ten years only two cases of sodomy was reported and both involves DSAI, coincidentally both incident involves at the time of his comeback as a politician. Why should this case be sensationalised to the extent that even other more high profile cases involving the judiciary, murder and corruption is being sidelined. Is Saiful that important to the Government or for that matter to the nation. By admitting or accusing he has been sodomised by DSAI has in fact made him a celebrity for the worse kind and wrong reason, but from his facial expression (TV3 News, and pics in blogs) he seem so relax and in fact enjoying all the attention he is getting. An attention seeker I suppose. Is this all worth it?

If any leaders, either from the BN or Pakatan who happen to come across this blog, please, please, there are more important issues to be addressed, such as putting the nation back on track, economically, socially and most importantly uniting the people as one,(Malays, Chinese,Indians and other smaller ethnic race) Malaysians!

15 August 2008

Does he knows the meaning of Sympathy?Malaysiakini.

UMNO Youth Chief, Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, appeals for sympathy as reported in the Star, Saturday, 16 Aug 2008.

He said " I hope, I beg and I ask for the sympathy of the Permatang Pauh voters for our Barisan candidate because we are the underdog."

Is this the same Chief in command of the UMNO Youth that waved the keris courageously during the UMNO assembly. Amazingly he has come to this, a pathetic and desperate show of losing the by election at Permatang Pauh. As learned as he may be I wonder if he even knows the meaning of sympathy.

His definition of sympathy is solely for BN to win, who is he kidding.

1.What about the sympathy for the Rakyat?

2.The families (wife & kids) whose bread winner are detained under ISA?

3.DSAI's wife, children in particular, his growing daughters, who had to face the public for the humiliation of their father being accuse as a sodomite?

4. The agony and pain of Shalini's & Muhammad Asmawi (still missing) parents, and others with the same faith.

5. Millions of children without homes, in the streets begging. Being used to push drugs?

I believe there are many more, the list can go on forever. And here he his begging for sympathy merely for him and his candidate to stay in power. I for one, don't really care who rules the nation, let it be BN or Pakatan, what matters is the chosen Government is responsible for the well being of the people and country on the whole. I believe there are many who feels the same.

Sacked! Malaysiakini.

It is sad to know that the doctor who first examined Saiful was sacked for not reporting to work since Aug.1st 2008. He was no where to be found or traced, probably he has left the country fearing for his safety and family. Come to think of it, doctor Osman is a victim merely for being ethical and firm of his profession. I sincerely salute this man for his stand.

I hope that both Saiful & DSAI ,(especially Saiful ) realized that they have actually meddled the poor doctor's livelihood. The doctor was only doing is work professionally, his only mistake in this case was being true to himself. I sincerely hope that he will be appreciated by his fellow doctors for upholding the credibility and integrity of the profession.

Good luck and best wishes where ever you may be.

14 August 2008

UITM, Typical Of Them.Malaysiakini.

I am shocked that with just a PROPOSAL ( not decision ) made by the Selangor MB to allow 10% non bumis into UITM, students from the university overacted as though a decision has been made.

Why is he criticised in such a manner?
Why take to the streets?
Are there no civilized way to resolve the issue with the MB?
Why all the fuss with having non bumis among them?

I am sure the MB has only good intention for the future of the university. It will give a chance for the bumi students in a way to compete with the non bumis. After all they (non bumis) wont be there on a free ticket, I am sure they are going to be paying for it. I don't see any of the bumis rights are taken. Understanding and learning the culture of another race and not only expecting others to understand and respects the Malays in particular. Respect is earned and not inherited, show of power or being arrogant. I wonder what will become of this country if these students are to be future leaders someday?

One Too Many! Home Minister.Malaysiakini.

Again the Home Minister, Syed Hamid Albar is in the news, again with contradiction statements. I would admit that i am no learned law maker nor a politician but even an average person can know what is right and wrong. Just to refresh some of his blunders,

1. The sodomy issue between DSAI & Saiful. He said that Saiful cannot be charged as he is the complainant who made a report seeking for justice. Correct me if I am wrong, let say that it was consensual, is the complainant still innocent? It is a crime by law of having sex against the order of nature(sodomy) whether consensual or by forced. So, is Saiful still the victim?

2. The closure of the Parliament on mere speculation or i guess Intelligence report of a planned demonstration. It is this very person who had ask the Rakyat to stop speculating and listening to rumours. It has not only caused inconvenience to the people but also precious time of our enforcement officers.

3. The meeting of foreign dignitaries to explain of the sodomy charges. Does the country really need to explain to the outside world of one mere sodomy case? He need not do so,as it only is going to make them more suspicious of the Governments intention. It is after all just a sodomy case. There are more serious cases that need attention than this humiliating and controversial case. It is again the people who is the victim by politicians.

4. The Conversion Forum by the bar council. He said that we are a multiracial country and we have to be sensitive of our statements or remarks among the other races. True, very well said, but when calls of "Cina babi and India balik" was made by demonstrators outside the forum nothing was said about it by the Home Minister, Is that being considerate, respectful and sensitive to the other race?

5. The UITM intake proposed by the Selangor Menteri Besar. Demonstration by students with banners of the Malay rights being taken from them and even the vice chancellor of UITM who is regarded as a learned person, by right he should set an example to his students and not support street demonstration by his students. After all it is only a PROPOSAL not a decision. The Government (Home Ministry) has always said that street demonstration is not our culture but yet again they allowed this to happen. Why? If it was done by the opposition or a different race group, i believe that the FRU and water canons will be deployed.

Is there going to be an end on racial issues? The country had and has enjoyed peace and harmony among the major races for the past 50 years and I believe the most of us want to go on living peacefully, it is the responsibility of the Government to maintain the peace and uphold the law with all fairness to the Rakyat.

A Converts Dilema! Malaysiakini.

I have been a converted for almost 20 years now, in a recent report, The first lady Datin Jean Abdullah has said that Islam as a religion was easy and simple. True, very true, but the difficulty is made so by the very people we have, had and still depend on to guide and show us the right path.

In my experience as a convert, i have accepted that whatever difficulty and challenges ahead is of God,s will but when i see and hear that even born muslims among themselves are fighting and worse publicly condemns one another,even the mosque is at times politicised. Where does all those believes and teachings we have been taught in Islam gone?

When i first converted to a muslim, the first important thing i was taught is patients, tolerance and principles. Through the years as a convert, i learned that in Malaysia, when you are a muslim meaning you are a Malay,especially when you look like one. I find that most people would either distance themselves (thinking i am a Malay)or take advantage of me(thinking i have privileges as a convert). It is like the Arabs being linked to terrorist in Europe.

The reputation that the Malays has, in actual fact cannot be linked to Islam,true that all Malays are Muslims but Islam did not create their character and habits.

Every religion in general only teaches good. The worst experience i had as a convert is when i came to know of this Malay family who is, you can say poor. I did try everything i can only to help, the man of the house was rather a pious man,so i thought, even to the extend of giving part of my small business to his son in law(a very small share) a rather high salary for a small portion of what he contributed. For an investment of RM5000.00, he had a salary of RM3000.00 a month, only because i thought it would help them. Most of my friends told me that i was too generous. To my disappointment, after 10 months,business was bad,It came to my knowledge he was also selling my product in cash behind my back with no invoice from the company,(the dealer confess to the purchase later) he also ordered parts and goods for his personal usage from my suppliers saying he would pay in cash but never did,(the supplier is still asking for payment of the said purchase) and i had no choice but to let him go. I was not only humiliated, but also cursed with the most rude and outrages accusation by his 21 year old wife. And to make matters worse his father in law lied about me to the family(oh yes he is just a small vendor selling cakes by the roadside) to save his failing marriage. I use to sit with him every night to to console him, he complains of his children not respecting him, his son in law not respecting him and his wife of ignoring him. In fact, his wife did tell me on several occasion that he was an irresponsible man. And it didn't matter if he is gone.

This is a typical example of tarnishing the image of not only the Malay race but also the religion. Is this all what is taught in Islam? Definitely a BIG NO but it is the race that have built this reputation to the religion. I really hope that the religious body of this country would take the necessary action to streamline their policies and also guide the converts with proper tabs of their progress after conversion.

12 August 2008

Civilized,Culture,Tradition,Religion And Most of all, Upbringing! Malaysiakini.

Malaysians or rather Asians in particular is known for their Culture And Traditions. Malaysia is a multiracial country, consisting Malays, Chinese, Indians and other ethnic race, and not forgetting among them consists of interracial marriage. And yet there are remarks and shouts such as "Cina Babi balik China and India balik". Where is the respect and tolerance we once shared among the races? For the past 50 years Malaysia has in fact successfully created a formula that all races live in harmony. Why does the people in particular have to suffer,be divided, suspicious with one another and in recent weeks, it has reach to a level where our Culture, Tradition, Religion and Upbringing is question all because of the political scenario of the country. The differences of political ideas and agenda of our present leaders from both the ruling and opposition party has brought us to this.It is sad that even religion is an issue now. Every religion teaches good, but due to anger and in most cases provocation and instigation, people tend to forget what they preach. The leaders in particular has failed miserably in uniting the people as in the past. If this carries on i sincerely wish that we rather have a King to rule then the present system, at least we wont have racial base party, arguing, fighting for power,instigating and worse provoking even to the smallest issue.

06 August 2008

Elephant's Hyde! Malaysiakini

What can i say, only that some people just don't care,skin of an elephant's Hyde. First there's AAB, he is not perturbed by the unpopularity ratings,well, it is only because he has nothing to lose now, either way he knows he is on his way out. He is playing God for 28 million living souls in Malaysia. Doesn't he have a conscious? But what i don't understand is, why destroy the whole nation on his way out? Then there is the forthcoming by election,UMNO division chief for Permatang Pauh,Abdul Jalil Abdul Majid, has the cheek to even think he can upset DSAI at Permatang Pauh. If he happens to read this blog, all i can say is, you are not DSAI's league, just stick to the division level. Finally, the famous "coffee boy", Saiful, What justice does he seek? I really feel sorry for this selfish soul, if so that justice is what he seeks, there are proper avenues and ethics unless it is only attention that he seeks like a spoilt brat.

05 August 2008

So Much For Preaching Democracy? Malaysiakini

BN leaders and supporters in particular UMNO has critised Datin Seri Wan Azizah for vacating her seat for DSAI, so much for preaching democracy, first it was AAB to Najib and now it is Rafidah Aziz to Sharizat,with surrendering the president post to the deputy mid next year, so called transition of power. A called for no contest for the top two post was also made. This will not only disappoint potential candidates viewing for the two top post but also depriving the principle process of democracy. Sad but true, it is no wonder that the UMNO and partners are in a mess. Well at least Datin Seri Wan Azizah seat is open for challenge.

03 August 2008

One Individual A National Issue! Malaysiakini

My fellow Malaysians, with all this political power crazy fiasco going on, i guess we are the real victims caught in between. Day in and day out, what we read is all about is who sodomized who? Who murdered who? Who joins who? Have the leaders really stop to think of the Rakyat,who is suffering, who is dying, who needs help? Is that asking too much from the Government whose responsibilities should be for the Rakyat and not just using the Rakyat to serve their political agendas.For instance the sodomy episode between DSAI and Saiful, it has turn out to be like a national problem, for God sake there are more important issues need to be addressed. The PM has said that Saiful is the complainant and is seeking justice, well, there are worse case than his, they too need justice. Have we forgotten nini who is still missing, the agony of the parents. Have we forgotten that a teenager was raped in a police station and more, more, more.......the list can go on and on? Are there measures taken to prevent this from happening again? And all we read is about this sodomy case, Who the hell is Saiful? If at all he was sodomized, i believe he is as much guilty as the accused. Why does the Government have to see that justice is serve for this one individual? Is it because it serve their political agenda? Fellow Malaysians, let the leaders hear our voices full force and not let us be used by them to serve their purpose and existence.

Boycott.-Annuar Musa.Malaysiakini

Umno Kelatan chief, Annuar Musa has called for BN to boycott the impending by election at Permatang Pauh as it will be a waste of public funds. He added, that it will only serve DSAI's political strategy. I guess that is the only wise and sensible statement made by any BN/UMNO official so far. Even Najib and Pirdaus(the losing BN candidate in the last GE) admitted that it is going to be difficult for victory. After all the seat was PKR's. This will be a typical example of pride and ignorance of the BN coalition. But knowing BN/UMNO they will choose to fight a losing cause even knowing that it is a waste of time and money. (this is what i meant pride and ignorance).

02 August 2008

Wan Nur Azlin-Give her a break! Malaysiakini

Wan Nor Azlin, the actress who was link with a private sex cd has made a plea for a chance to pursue her acting career again, as that is the only profession she knows. It has been 5yrs since she we last heard of,till recently it was reported (Harian Metro)that her house was splashed with red paint due to the husband borrowing money from unlicensed moneylenders, she added that she is going through a difficult period since the controversial sex cd was exposed. She also said that there were offers for her to act again but was retracted. We as caring Malaysians should give her a break, i believe she deserve to be forgiven and given a chance to make a living for her children in particular. It was no fault of hers as the cd was meant to be private, unfortunately the cd fell into irresponsible hands and the rest was history.

Either way you lose. Malaysiakini.

Pertaining to the sodomy allegation against DSAI, Saiful cries for justice, so say the PM. He is the complainant and angry, and we should give him justice. Well, true, but DSAI is also in a way a victim, he too deserve justice. Many feels that DSAI is innocent, as reported in a recent survey only 11% believe the act happen. Saiful doesn't realize the consequences he may have to face for the rest of his life. Assuming it is true, he too is as guilty as DSAI,logically in order for the act to happen, it has to be consensual by him. It is not possible for a 60yr old man to force a young and physically strong man, then why decide to report the crime after being sodomise several times(8 times as reported). That's assuming if it is true.
Now, assuming if the whole sodomy allegation was just a blatant lie by Saiful, he will have his hands full, the charge of a false report, defamation suit against him will be in order by DSAI. To top all that, he too will have a lot of explaining to his family, fiance, relatives and friends who supported him.Come to think of it, Saiful has signed his own death warrant. Either way you lose!

Test! BN & Pakatan .Malaysiakini.

This will be an opportunity for the Rakyat and people of Penang to send a message to both sides, PKR and BN, in the impending by election at Permatang Pauh. It will also serve as a test for the next GE. On paper, Pakatan would not have any problems winning the seat, it is the majority that matters,also giving a clear signal to the Pakatan of their approval as the ruling Government in the Island. On the other hand BN has already resign to the fact that winning is only an option or possibility, it is how they are going to lose. I guess BN will do anything or everything to prevent a huge loss. So to the people or voters in Permatang Pauh let your voices be heared clearly.

01 August 2008

Its Tiger and Monkey Now. Malaysiakini.

Umno does not need a tiger to fight a tiger, said Permatang Pauh Umno division chief Datuk Abdul Jalil.He added that a monkey could also defeat a tiger,he was commenting on the impending by election between UMNO and PKR's DSAI. Is he referring that UMNO consists of monkeys? I am not surprise. Well, what he failed to realize is that for the last two terms UMNO failed to win at Permatang Pauh, taking into consideration that Datin Seri Wan Azizah was not even considered a politician then(2004) Since the announcement by Datin Seri Wan Azizah, UMNO, has not stop taking swipes at DSAI, for contesting his wife's seat. It is easy for BN's Muhyiddin Yassin and Hishamuddin Hussein to say that DSAI choose a safe seat, well, wouldn't they do the same?

Pot Calling Kettle Black! Khairy...Malaysiakini.

Anwar just wants an "easy ride" says Khairy.He added, that it is unfortunate that his own wife (Datin Wan Azizah has to vacate her seat so as for DSAI to win at Permatang Pauh easily. As the title states "Pot Calling Kettle Black" I don't know whether he realize it or not that he too had an "easy ride" in UMNO and his meteoric rise in the Youth Wing as a Deputy and soon to be the Chief due to the fact that all because of being the SON IN LAW to the PM. Under any other circumstance if he was just another member in UMNO without any relationship to the PM, i sincerely believe he will at no time or even serve a purpose being in UMNO. Being a learned and educated university scholar,(don't want to mention the university as it will only belittle their reputation for producing such a student) it was rather uncall of him to make such a statement in particular of (Datin Wan Azizah vacating her seat for hubby) He also tried playing up the UMNO-PAS talks, sentiments?, i guess it meant for the Chinese and Indian voters. It would be natural for DSAI or anyone for that matter to strategies his/her move to that of the best possible advantage for victory.

Pitting Ezam Against DSAI. Sacrificial Lamb for Slaughther!Malaysiakini.

It would be a waste of public funds if BN decides to pit Ezam against DSAI in the Permatang Pauh by election. It is like handing the seat to PKR on a silver platter. Personally, i have always regarded Ezam as a young, aspiring and potential leader during his "reformasi" days with PKR. His ability to draw large crowds at "ceramahs" and mesmerise the crowd with his speech is like watching DSAI himself,his mentor. Unfortunately, he decided to leave all this behind and join a different platform to pursue his political career,Call it being foolish, hasty or emotional,whatever it is, it is also seen to many as Ezam, "sold his soul to the devil". Ezam is not DSAI match, be it in Permatang Pauh or anywhere else, the results will not differ. If BN decides to still go ahead with his candidacy it is only to make up the numbers for a by election. Ezam is a Sacrificial Lamb for slaughter.

31 July 2008

One Man Against An Army! Malaysiakini.

No offence to the Pakatan partners, DAP & PAS, though with their undying support for DSAI, morally and politically, it is still only one man against an army(BN), Since the return of Anwar to the politic scene, he has not disappointed his supporters with his charisma and superb command of his oracle skills. Politics has never been so exciting, dramatic and some even say filthy since independence. Not a day go by without DSAI being mentioned, TV, Tabloid or even in coffee shops. It is no wonder that the whole BN machinery is working overtime, and i mean extraordinary time to prevent DSAI from advancing, i guess they have even exceeded their own limitations. The truth is,if they realize it at all, it is BN who has created ANWARISM, it is BN who over rated DSAI and it is also BN who is going to surrender putrajaya to DSAI(again no offence to Pakatan)Individuals (NALLA,EZAM,CHANDRA MUZZAFAR and former aides of DSAI, who is seen as traitors to many, has not made it any better but only giving DSAI higher ratings. The sodomy allegations by Mohd Saiful has in fact helped DSAI more than actually killing his political comeback. Lastly,if the BN realize it or not their existence and relevancy in politics is all about one man against an army.

What is Justice? Malaysiakini.

What is justice? Well for us, like me who are just ordinary citizens we may not know the in depth or technical aspects of the law. What i can understand is the law is to uphold the truth and only the truth without any reasonable doubts. At times we may find that the law discriminate others rather than do any justice. Take the sodomy allegation against DSAI, even in the initial stage of investigation by the police, DSAI is made to look like he committed the said crime. I am no supporter nor being bias of my opinion,but 9 out of 10 in the streets will say the same, the way the investigation is carried out, the arrest of DSAI, the first medical report contents by Dr.Mohd.Osman and even ministers, the Home minister, Deputy PM and PM himself has made a call for DSAI to provide a sample of his DNA. To top of it all and make it more suspicious is the police force, as it is now, their credibility and integrity is tarnished with a number of blunders,(SD of Bala, SD by RPK, clearly or should i say directly implicates the Deputy PM in the Altantuya murder case and the alleged sodomy against DSAI) Clean, Competent and Trustworthy is supposedly their Motto, but sadly, their actions, neutrality and professionalism does not reflect to it. As a citizen, there is only fear, anger and at times hatred, to the ruling Government i seek not for fame nor riches but peace and justice with all fairness.

Calculated Risk? Anwar @ Permatang Pauh.Malaysiakini.

Opposition leader, Datin Seri Wan Azizah resigns to make way for hubby to stand for by election. A wise decision as the seat is meant for Anwar in the first place moreover I sincerely feel that Datin Seri Wan Azizah needs this break, as she had sacrifice alot for her family, party and nation. Now, I believe Anwar and his Pakatan partners has calculated the risk of this decision, knowing for the fact that Anwar is facing a sodomy allegation against him. This move has actually made it more difficult for the BN Government, firstly, to arrest him now would make them look as if they are trying to stop him for the by election out of fear. Secondly, if DSAI is arrested it will also give the impression that the BN government indeed has plotted the sodomy allegations against him due to the timing of his announcement for the by election and the arrest,coincidence? Whatever it is, i guess both sides have calculated their moves. So, expect more surprises in the coming weeks.

30 July 2008

Now you tell me, the General Manager & Medical Director of Hospital Pusrawi, No Denial,Sounds Denying,Its Denying!Malaysiakini.

After reading the excerpts from the question-and-answer session by Malaysiakini’s Andrew Ong & Tarani Palani with Hospital Pusrawi’s general manager Wan Mahmood Wan Yaacob and hospital’s medical director Kamaruddin Ahmad.Kamaruddin i am amused with their answers. Now u tell me for instance Question 2 and 3. In Q2,he answered it is the same report than in Q.3 he answered, maybe or maybe not when you refer to Q.5 he said the content is same with the original. Read the excerpts taken from the interview and you be the judge of it... Doesn't make sense at all. There was no denial but sounds denying but in a way it is denying. Another correct, correct,correct saga i guess.

1. Q: If you have not been in contact with the doctor, how do you know that the doctor did not conduct a medical check-up for sodomy?

A: We based our decision on the medical report he wrote.

2. Q: So are there two different reports? Are they (the report that is circulating) the same (as the original)?

A: It is the same report.

3. Q: You do have the original report, so is it (the copy that is circulating) the genuine report?

A: I cannot say if it is the genuine unless someone confirms, the committee. Maybe, maybe not. It looks the same but it is not the original copy, that is with me.

Looks the same but it is not the same because we have the original copy.

5. Q: Are the contents the same? It is the original copy from Pusrawi?

A: Yes.

6. Q: He (Saiful) was not examined for sodomy, but (how come) the doctor said that there was no signs of sodomy.

A: He came complaining of pain in the anus, so that’s a part of the routine, you look for pus, bleeding.

7. Q: How is this different from an actual sodomy check-up?

A: He came complaining of anus pain not complaining of sodomy. So the doctor performed a check-up for anus pain not sodomy.

8. Q: What led the doctor TRO (to rule out) sodomy? Why?

A: Because Saiful mentioned that he was sodomised. Sodomy check-up has to be done by a specialist not a medical officer. You need a gut specialist. We don’t have one in Pusrawi.

9. Q: Does that mean that Dr Mohamed Osman is not qualified to make any conclusions?

A: He is not qualified to make any statements, any conclusions (with regards to sodomy).

10. Q: You have spoken to Dr Mohamed who has confirmed that he examined Saiful and confirmed that he has signed this medical report, why is the hospital still not convinced that it is the genuine medical report? Why is it taking so long to match the copy with the original copy?

A: We just realised this. When? Two days ago. It is just like VK Lingam said, “It looks like me, sounds like me but it is not me”.

11. Q: You are not disputing whether the medical report is real. You are disputing if Dr Mohamed has the qualifications to ascertain that (sodomy had occurred). Basically you are discrediting your own medical staff?

A: No, but not when concerning this case. Is he suspended? No, he is on leave.

12. Q; If the contents of the reports are the same are you acknowledging that the report could have been from Pusrawi?

A: It could have been. It is the same.

13. Q: There are two different writing on the medical report.

A: Yes, there are two different. The patient arrived to see a doctor, and he meet with a female doctor first. After he complained of his anus pain, than he was passed on to a male doctor (Dr Mohamed).

As Expected! Pusrawi Hospital.Malaysiakini.

As expected there will be some kind of a twist on the medical report published by RPK. the Hospital clarified that Dr.Muhammad Osman did not conduct a sodomy related examination on Saiful,the General manager,Wan Muhamad Wan Yaakob also said that the hospital did not release any official report pertaining to the case. when asked about authenticity of the medical report, "Looks the same, content the same" he said. Well at least he did not deny the existence of the medical report and its content. It may not be a sodomy related examination but from the content of the report it is as close to one, even a normal person reading can tell it has some relation with examining Saiful's back. The actual victim here is the poor doctor, the only mistake he committed was conducting the examination.I guess with this new twist, the sodomy allegation against DSAI is back where it started, the battle begins.

29 July 2008

Unity talks for All.Malaysiakini

Its been unity talk for the future and survival of the Malays between UMNO and PAS. Well what about the rest, unity talk for the Chinese, between MCA, DAP & Gerakan, The Indians, between MIC,PPP,IPF & Hindraf. Where does that leave PKR with? Doesn't that tell you anything? It does actually. PKR can have the unity talk with all the parties mentioned, without being suspicious,cautious or in secured. Its truly a MALAYSIAN party, MULTIRACIAL party, the party for all. Don't you think so? My apologies here,no intention whatsoever to offend anyone here. I am no politician nor even a member of any party, and in no way promoting any party for that matter just speaking my mind. After all, seen this tag line, TRULY MALAYSIA!

The Never Ending Story of Sodomy! Malaysiakini

The Sodomy story never ends, it started a decade ago and it still continues without an end. If this whole episode is put into film, i bet it will be a blockbuster. The BN Government, led by AAB should end this saga so as to stop further embarrassment to the nation and the BN's administration itself. Some of the players in this case, are actually victim of circumstances, the doctor, Dr.Mohd.Osman from Pusrawi, that conducted the examination on Saiful is a typical example. The poor doctor was only doing his job to the best of his acquired skills and knowledge. Why does he and worse,his family too, have to go through all the pressure from both the authorities and public? The kind of attention he and his family doesn't need. His expertise and findings is being questioned by the uncle of the victim. The longer this case is dragged, the more it will damage the reputation of the Police Force and ruling government not to mention their credibility and integrity.(already, actually) The perfect ending for this film will be for the director & crew (????? dare not say), the leading actor(Mhd.Saiful) be brought to justice and deservingly be charged and jailed(if possible, caning too) Then only can the country move on to more serious matters.

28 July 2008

Doctors, Judges and Lawyers! Professionals??? Malaysiakini!

I can still remember when doctors, judges, and lawyers are regarded as highly respected professionals and an ambition every parent would be proud of for their children to pursue. Sadly, this elite group of professionals are being used, manipulated and even forced at times, not only in Malaysia but i believe worldwide. Doctors are forced to doctor medical reports, lawyers are used by politicians and judges forgetting the code of ethics and oathe taken,due to fear of losing their post. In recent years, this has only tarnished the medical faculty and judiciary's image on the whole and if nothing is done to curb this ill forsaken cancerous disease from spreading than these elite professionals are only seen as mere puppets that can be bought and sold like whores to the highest bidder. I for one would like to see that the Government(whoever, be it the pakatan or BN) to start the reformation process to bring back the integrity and credibility this profession rightfully deserve.

Rise all Rise! Malaysiakini.

Every move or statement uttered by both the ruling and pakatan, is closely scrutinised and politicised. Nothing seem to go without being criticised or sensationalised. Both sides are trying to out do the other,whether it is going to do any good for the nation or the Rakyat, God knows! So they say, being the champion for the Rakyat, merely for the sake of saying it, only to garner support. My concern here is,with all the fiasco of politicians, leaders arguing and fighting even to the smallest issue, what good does it do for the Rakyat? Only show casing the sort of mentality a child has(even that, i guess a child will fair better), making a mockery of the very constitution penned down by our forefathers,and embarrassing the people by insulting their intelligence to the whole world. I believe Malaysia will or already is the laughing stock of the world. What astonished me most is, they are supposedly well educated and learned. I hope and wish that the Rakyat will rise and make up their minds, to choose a Government that has only the hearts for the nation, and i mean the nation only rather than being self centred, selfish and power crazy.

Ezam, really pushing his luck.Malaysiakini.

Ezam offers himself to stand against DSAI in by election. What is there to say,only sheer opportunist, pushing his luck more than he can ask for. He has in a way put UMNO in a spot, as there are many in line waiting for an opportunity to be a candidate. Ezam, has forgotten that not everyone in UMNO welcome his existence in the party not to mention the Rakyat's perception of him, particularly the Malay voters. His past with DSAI, the six boxes of files on corruption of BN,(still no where to be found, his new found wealth as reported in blogs,will be an issue if he is chosen as a candidate for BN. The ball is in the president and PM hands. Another flip flop decision? One thing for sure is, it is going to be a test of his and DSAI's political survival and existence. Clash of No return!

If Not Sodomized, then what? Malaysiakini.

No evidence of sodomy as reported Malaysiakini.What now? No trace of tear,bleeding or pus found by the doctor who examined Mohd Saiful four hours before he made a report alleging he was sodomized. It will be ridiculous & impossible now to charge DSAI for sodomy, the police cant even determined if there is enough evidence to established a case against DSAI. It will be a total waste of public funds not to mention precious time. The deputy IGP, Ismail Omar, said that the report was an attempt to sabotage and confuse the public, what he failed to see is, with the ongoing process of the way the investigation is carried out has given the public more reasons to doubt the professionalism and credibility of the force. And if this medical report is genuine and can be use as evidence, Mohd Saiful has a lot of explaining to do, his accusation against DSAI is bad enough, challenging DSAI to swear on the Quran is seen as a mortal sin, and worse still is facing the whole nation. Then, there is the Syariah courts investigation and findings that he has to face. But the sad thing is will be the family in particular, fiance and friends who trusted and believed him. I guess everyone is anxious and eager to know what and where this whole episode is going to? Cliffhanger huh!

27 July 2008

Blind,Deaf & Dumb BN. Malaysiakini

1.The BMC residents and Police brutality.
2.The arrest of DSAI, 15cars, UTK personals.
3.The Lingam Video case.
4.SD by Ex PI to Baginda, 2 SDs. (Najib not summon to court )
5.SD by RPK. ( Najib, again, Rosmah)

The voice of the Rakyat is not hear ed, on fuel hike,food price at its worse,and reformation of the Government itself on corruption,need to look into other agencies in particularly the Judiciary, Police Force, SPR,ACA, Immigration/Custom, and JPJ.

1.Flip Flop decisions.
2.Wastage (purchase of 14 Mercedes)after asking the rakyat to tighten their belts.
3.10% cut from cabinet's allowance. A big joke.
4.Information Minister & UM Vice Chancellor. Live Debate, Don't even know what message they are trying to convey to the Rakyat. Bad Mouthing, i suppose.
5.Home Minister - on speculation. asked others to stop speculation but he does the same, barring the parliament on sheer speculation.- calling others to let the law takes its course, as in the case of DSAI refusal to submit his DNA but he did make a statement asking for DSAI to do so. Contradictorily.

I may have missed out some, if there is more please feel free to add in.

26 July 2008

Theory2.Sympathy, Plea or Pathetic. Malaysiakini.

Najib's statements as reported in the Star.He needed the cooperation of all quarters to strengthen the Barisan Nasional and Umno after taking over as Prime Minister and party president in 2011.He hopes Pak Lah will continue to support him in the future although he may not hold office then.Making such a plea to UMNO members including his former boss, Tun Dr.Mahathir is seen as being pathetic in the most lowest degree, as a DPM. What Najib failed to understand is will he be the next PM to begin with? With the Altantuya and SD from both Bala and RPK still hanging over him, there can and will be surprises he never anticipate and not to mention DSAI, is also gaining more support from the Rakyat. And at the same time there are already branches in Johore suggesting Muhiydin to be the next President of UMNO.Well,I believe Najib sense and fear that he will not be able to reach the NO.1 post.His last resort would be to beg for sympathy, of course in the most discreet manner. Pride maa! Pathetic!

Double Datuk Nicol & Ong beng Hee. Malaysiakini

The CIMB, Squash Malaysian Open 2008 concluded with Malaysia coming out tops again, with a double. Ong Beng Hee reign as the mens single champion and Datuk Nicol as the women single champion. Once again, our squash queen has brought something for us to cheer for to divert our already depressing political and economical scenario. Congratulations to both of them and may they bring more cheerful results in coming tournaments.

Angkuh & Riak! So they say! Malaysiakini.

Still with the purchase of the 14 Mercedes Compressors, the controversial purchase by the Trengganu State Government is said to be settled by the MB, but again,it is easier said than done coz as long as the cars are still with the EXCO's, there will be room for abuse of the usage of the cars. Watching the Trengganu MB on TV when interviewed by reporters, gives me only utter disgust.His attitude does not portray his position, worse still he said that he has the backing of state leaders and ministers. Again and again, be reminded the MBs, Ministers and Excos are all employees too, nothing more. Their function is to serve the State and people with sincerity and full commitment. Why do they need to drive a car that cost almost a quarter a million each? A car is a car, a mode of transport, thats it. For God sake, they are nothing more than a Government servant. This is what i say being "Angkuh & Riak" forgetting their roots.

Achieving Vision2020 Possible? Malaysiakini

The current Political situation has in someway diverted or worse stagnated the process of the country achieving Vision 2020. Since the retirement of our 4th premier,Tun Dr.Mahatir, politics in the country has gone from bad to worse, AAB our present PM, has been seen by many as an incompetent and weak leader, i have taken some excerpts from the speech given by TDM regarding Vision 2020. Say what you want about him, call him a self centred, tyrant or dictator, but i will give due respect and credit of his vision. For many of us, we are in fact ignorant and not aware of the what targets are set in Vision2020. i have cut and paste this excerpts taken from TDM speech.

* The first of these is the challenge of
establishing a united Malaysian nation with a sense
of common and shared destiny. This must be a nation
at peace with itself, territorially and ethnically
integrated, living in harmony and full and fair
partnership, made up of one "Bangsa Malaysia" with
political loyalty and dedication to the nation.

* The second is the challenge of creating a
psychologically liberated, secure and developed
Malaysian society with faith and confidence in
itself, justifiably proud of what it is, of what it
has accomplished, robust enough to face all manner
of adversity. This Malaysian Society must be
distinguished by the pursuit of excellence, fully
aware of all its potentials, psychologically
subservient to none, and respected by the peoples of
other nations.

* The third challenge we have always faced is that
of fostering and developing a mature democratic
society, practising a form of mature, consensual,
community-oriented Malaysian democracy that can be a
model for many developing countries.

* The fourth is the challenge of establishing a
fully moral and ethical society, whose citizens are
strong in religious and spiritual values and imbued
with the highest of ethical standards.

* The fifth challenge that we have always faced is
the challenge of establishing a mature, liberal and
tolerant society in which Malaysians of all colours
and creeds are free to practise and profess their
customs, cultures and religious beliefs and yet
feeling that they belong to one nation.

* The sixth is the challenge of establishing a
scientific and progressive society, a society that
is innovative and forward-looking, one that is not
only a consumer of technology but also a contributor
to the scientific and technological civilization of
the future.

* The seventh challenge is the challenge of
establishing a fully caring society and a caring
culture, a social system in which society will come
before self, in which the welfare of the people will
revolve not around the state or the individual but
around a strong and resilient family system.

* The eighth is the challenge of ensuring an
economically just society in which there is a fair
and equitable distribution of the wealth of the
nation, in which there is a full partnership in
economic progress. Such a society cannot be in place
so long as there is the identification of economic
backwardness with race.

* The ninth challenge of establishing a prosperous
society, with an economy that is fully competitive,
dynamic, robust and resilient.

My Theory/Khir Toyo/Umno-PAS pact.Malaysiakini

With all the fuss of the Malay unity talks between BN & PAS recently, Khir Toyo was the centre of attraction in most blogs. I guess it is not the kind of publicity he wanted. Initiated by the Ex MB, the meeting was to offer PAS to share power to rule Selangor and far from the so called Malay unity talks,PM admits of such a meeting as reported in Malaysiakini. The only reason Toyol initiated the meeting was to save him the embarrassment of being the first MB of Selangor to lose. During his helm as the MB, his arrogance and incompetence showed like a soar thumb. In fact bragged that Selangor would still be ruled by BN after the GE. Call it selfish, greed or even worse BODOH! he fail to respect the voice and rights of the Selangor voters. And yet, the PM said, that it was the rights of the incumbent state Government. Well, i am not surprise, after all he too is fighting to keep his post. The PM for all, is not for all after all.

25 July 2008

The Perfect Combination!!!Malaysiakini.

The Perfect combination! Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim & Tun Dr Mahatir
I have posted this before,cant help posting it again after reading reports,Malaysiakini,of Najib wanting Tun Dr.Mahatir to join BN when he takes over from AAB. I rather have the combination of DSAI and Tun. My older post:

With the recent General election results which the ruling party, BN ,lead by Badawi, failing miserably, the country on the whole is heading towards racial, social and economy turn moil. The Chinese, Indians, Malays and smaller ethnic race are divided. To add to all these woes, leaders of the ruling party representing the rakyat are squabbling among themselves. The end results to these problems would leave the rakyat as victims, and this would eventually cause racial tension among the once peaceful and harmonious atmosphere which we as rakyat has benefited and enjoyed for decades.
I am no politician nor expert to judge others, but even as a layman its obvious that the rakyat on the whole is experiencing the worst crisis since independence. Honestly, the ruling government has failed with the responsibilities entrusted to them by the rakyat.
I wish to see that leaders putting their differences aside for the sake of the rakyat and nation. And the best combination to lead this country would be no other than Tun Dr Mahathsir and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim themselves. Tun with his excellent leadership and management economically and DSAI with his charisma and strong relationship overseas, which i believe would bring foreign investors back to the country. Let's practice what we preach, so dearest Tun and DSAI put your differences aside, lets not be selfish and greed blind you from saving and putting this nation back from where it was or maybe even greater in the world.
And i believe that some of you will not agree to my opinion, but lets be realistic, its better trying than just waiting for the right leader to emerge, by then it will too late. TDM and DSAI in a way can also repent for their mistakes or wrong doing in the past if any.

Malaysia Waves: Ezam Trying to Deliver Perak to BN/Ezam Hendak Memberi Perak Kepada BN.Malaysiakini.

Malaysia Waves: Ezam Trying to Deliver Perak to BN/Ezam Hendak Memberi Perak Kepada BN

Ezam, is desperate, cant blame him, age catching up and his credibility and integrity is questionable. He is struggling politically to be relevant, but sadly, he is getting no where. Wooing, members or adun from Perak or other PKR members to join BN, is his only way to gain trust and maybe proving his worth to BN. It is not the Ezam we watch at You Tube, his speeches when he was in PKR, speaking for the rights of the Rakyat, the believes he uphold for, a just and fair Government and many more. What Ezam doesn't realize is he is seen by both sides as a tool and traitor, though UMNO is not going to admit it openly. The harder he tries the deeper he gets, we heared of political assassination, in his case would be a political suicide or even worse a Political Clown. Well, birds of a feather flocks together, he is with clowns in BN so cant blame him.

Unethical! Malaysiakini.

PM confirms power share deal with PAS as reported Malaysiakini. So Mr.Clean is not so clean after all. Then why in heaven did we have to vote in the first place? Clearly the voters of Selangor has given the mandate to Pakatan, that is PKR, DAP and PAS. And yes BN did win some, but the principle here is, doesn't the Rakyat's voice count? Just after the results were out in the last GE,We have some two bit leaders making a pact to rule Selangor, is this ethical? What about all the preaching of Hadahri, principles, and Cermelang, Gemilang & Terbilang. Understand this, don't make this power crazy struggle or trying to hold on to power with the expense of the Rakyat rights.

Donate the Mercedes!Malaysiakini

I was watching the prime time news in TV3, the PM, said that all the EXCO members(Trengganu) should use the proton Perdana as the official car, but his body language doesn't seem so. He was rather uncomfortable.He also said that since the Mercedes has already been purchase there is no point selling it as it will incur losses,and the Mercedes should be only used for visitors. Well, why the hell should VISITORS or TETAMU enjoy and benefit from this blunder done by the BN. I honestly feel that the Rakyat should benefit from it, to be fair to all,the BN Government should show sincerity and donate the car to some orphanage or old folks home with a driver. Just don't preach about religion and race. DO A GOOD DEED!

23 July 2008

Syabas PAS!.Malaysiakini

PAS has earned my respect, i was never a PAS fan, had so much doubts of their actual political struggle in Malaysia. There are many like me out there i guess, but to an extent PAS has shown their sincerity with their partners in Pakatan.

"Sesiapa juga yang datang kepada kami untuk menawarkan jawatan ataupun menawarkan kedudukan yang menggiurkan, kita tidak akan terima. Kita ada prinsip, harga diri. Pimpinan PAS bukan boleh ditawarkan jawatan sedemikian," kata ketua Dewan Pemuda PAS, Salahuddin Ayub.

Mengulas lanjut perkara itu, beliau berkata: "Sama ada tawaran itu perdana menteri, menteri besar walau apa pun, kami tidak berminat untuk bincang tentangnya.

Kita ada mandat, kita ada tanggungjawab dan prinsip perjuangan. Kita boleh bincang tentang kepentingan negara," tambahnya dalam satu sidang akhbar mengenai pendirian rasmi Pemuda PAS dalam isu tersebut.

Likewise to the other partners in Pakatan, don't mess up at this stage, stay united and be true to yourself for the nation in particular.

22 July 2008

Have some Pride, Toyo! Malaysiakini.

The Ex MB of Selangor is craving for attention with the failure of the Umno-Pas talks. Khir toyo in his blog said;

Saya lakukan ini kerana percaya bahawa gabungan Pas dan BN akan memastikan kepentingan agama Islam dan orang Melayu tidak akan diperkotak-katikkan. Bagi saya yang penting ialah kepentingan agama Islam dan orang melayu terjaga bukan siapa yang menjadi pemimpin utama.

Malangnya, pengaruh Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dalam Pas, melalui Setiausaha Agungnya, Kamaruddin Jaafar, telah menggagalkan usaha tersebut. Saya yakin selagi Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim memainkan peranan penting dalam Pakatan rakyat, muzakarah tersebut tidak akan memberi sebarang kesan.”

The Ex MB should really take time off to do some soul searching as he tends to blame others in particular DSAI for whatever plans that goes wrong either from him or the BN Government. Has he taken any consideration of what the Rakyat or as he mention the Malays on the whole needs and wants. He was given the chance to change all that during his term as a MB,and what did he do? Presenting broom sticks to his staffs, chasing Alongs, prostitute dens, game machine and VCD peddlers. Yes, these social problems need to addressed but not by him in person, i believe we have the relevant departments to attend to it. He has bigger and more importantly the Sultan and Rakyat to care for.

To say that DSAI is the main cause of the Malay's disunity is not going to change anything nor it is going to bring him back to power, but only create more tension among Malaysians. The voters have spoken and given their mandate to the Pakatan in the recent GE, and mind you, even the Malays voted for the opposition, that will remain that until the next GE, if not sooner. And if DSAI is the cause, then i guess he must be doing everything right to gain so much support from the people. Having said that,its only fair for Toyo and the BN Government to get down to business to focus on the administration of the country even so if it means cooperating with the Pakatan rule state for the future and betterment of the Rakyat(Malaysians) with no particular race as an issue.

Limbo! Malaysiakini.

The whole country i believe has so much to talk everyday, coffee shops, pubs, you name it, if it is not about DSAI sodomy allegations, it will be RPK, Najib, Syed Hamid Albar, AAB, and lately the UMNO-PAS pact. I wonder, if any at all the business at hand in the country,the global food and fuel crisis, inflation and economic reformation is looked into by the administrators of the country. The ruling Government in particular is responsible for the welfare of Rakyat. It looks like their importance is only focused at holding on to power and self interest. Those mentioned above, in some way or another have pending cases or on going investigation against them, well, we have the relevant departments in the country to look into those issues provided they take a neutral stand without any external interference. Sigh! The country is in a limbo.

Stick to extracting tooth! Toyo - Malaysiakini

I believe there are many of us who wants to be as neutral as possible with the the UMNO-PAS pact. But after knowing Khir Toyol would go as low as to be the deputy MB of Selangor just to deny the Pakatan to rule, its disgusting. What is he thinking? Pakatan (PKR,PAS,DAP)won Selangor fair and square. It was a victory for and by the Rakyat. Toyol and UMNO should respect and accept the defeat gracefully. Having the pact (UMNO-PAS)to rule Selangor would be an insult to the voters as it was a collective effort by Pakatan. The Rakyat has spoken and given the mandate to Pakatan Let the new State Administrators do their job for the Rakyat. The Malay Unity talks between PAS, UMNO or PKR for that matter should remain only as a discussion or forum for the future of the Malays and not instilling fear. I am no politician nor most of the voters are but i trust we have and had always abide the constitution of the country, stop insulting our intelligence. I guess Toyol should keep his dreams only in his sleep, and stick to his profession as a dentist.

21 July 2008

Malaysia A Multi Racial Country? Malaysiakini

Malaysia, a Multi racial country? Racial & Religion issue has always been a barrier of having complete peace and unity. For the past 50 years,the ruling Government under BN has successfully kept the peace of the country by power sharing with others, MCA, MIC, Gerakan and other enthic groups,but to many this agreement is of the past, as the nation develops, population increases and the demands of the rakyat for rights of being one , MALAYSIAN! Leaders of the component parties in BN has been criticised for not standing up for their respective race, as seen in the last general Election, the BN suffered a humiliating defeat to the opposition.Measures should be taken to curb further racial remarks and sentiments by the BN leaders particularly UMNO. Many has in fact criticised the Malay race,but then again, the leaders are responsible for the state of the Malays today. As law abiding citizens, we should not further aggravate the situation than it is now. We can only change this through our rights to vote, and that time will come,until then we should still maintain and respect each other.

First the Tsunami,What next,Typhoon?Malaysiakini

First the 12th General Election, a disastrous outing for the BN,losing 5 states and also denied the 2/3rds, that's only the beginning of more setbacks to come for the ruling Government. With the Pakatan Rakyat breathing down their neck, the PM has more trouble than he can imagine.Even the coalition partners, Gerakan, MCA, MIC and East Malaysia are standing up against the Government. The Pakatan Rakyat led by Anwar has certainly gain from the numerous cases either ongoing or pending,the Judiciary, Police Force, SPR,Immigration and Customs are in a mess,totally seen as corrupted and irresponsible by the Rakyat. The No.2,Najib Razak,will be the hardest hit, if the Altantuya murder case is brought to court, as two SD's by the PI,Bala and another from our famous blogger, RPK against him. The PM has a tall mountain to climb in order to win back the confidence and trust of the Rakyat.And to add to all these problems, AAB, has the UMNO election coming this December, with a strong possibility of being challenged,in the process, a possibility of being dethrone of his position in the party.A Typhoon is heading towards Malaysian soil.

20 July 2008

Give Him A Break-Malaysiakini

What else is there in store for him? (Anwar)Arrested, humiliated with sodomy charges, thrown into prison for a crime he claims innonce,worse still,beaten by the IGP,back then in 1998. I really got to give him credit for his strong will to pull himself together after all he has endured for the past 10 years. Again,he is haunted with the same sodomy allegation by his former aide just when it seems like everything was going his way.To add to his already unpredictable political comeback,he has the ruling Government and their machinery to deal with. Those who doubted Anwar, some say he isn't relevant anymore, i guess he proved them wrong. He has stamped his mark and is here to stay.I believe there will be more of him to come.

Enlighten me! Malaysiakini.

Can any lawyers, let it be from civil,crime or Syariah enlighten me and maybe some of us here who is not familiar with the law. If sodomy is a crime by Malaysian law,immaterial of consensual or by force, then, in the event that Anwar actually sodomized Saiful, he is guilty in every sense. That's straight forward. But then what if Saiful is a willing partner,(immaterial if he made the report or not) is he also guilty of the said act? Will he too, be charged of the same nature? Taking into consideration of reports that he has been sodomised more than 8 times. Logically speaking, after been sodomised for that many times, he has to be a willing partner.

19 July 2008

Status Quo - Malaysiakini.

Will the Government ever learn their faults,The Trengganu State Exco members given 14 Mercedes Kompresser as official cars.The PM himself advised the Rakyat to tightend their belts, due to the Global fuel and food crisis and yet again contradictory remarks or statement. Are these State Exco members any different than the Rakyat, They too are employees, do they deserve any better than the ordinary Rakyat? Moreover, i believe fuel, maintenance of these cars, and i am not surprise if a driver is thrown in the package, all these expenses are paid by the Government. As for any employee, they are no different,I can understand if the Agong and the Sultans are given these rights but the very people we elected to serve our trust and needs has in fact fail us.

My Respect / Wives & Children.-Malaysiakini

With all the attention and limelight only given to Anwar, RPK, Baginda,and the Hindraf 5, I wish for us to take our attention to the family instead(wives & children) of the mentioned. The humiliation, the pain and sacrifice they endure. Have our leaders forgotten that they too have a family? What has happen to respect & honour? It is not like they are murderers, rapist or terrorist, it is just a difference of idealogy or political stand. Are they that much of a threat to the country or threat to those afraid of losing their position? Greed, i suppose so. Why does the wives and children be victimised? As a civilized nation, I belive there are more sensible solution that we can take.

rocky's bru: Young datuk, Old datuk.Malaysiakini

rocky's bru: Young datuk, Old datuk

Though i respect and infact a follower of Rocky's Bru Blog, i beg to differ his opinion on this one. For the 70 year old shuttler, its a long overdue recognition for him, sad but true. Many comments have said that Nicole was too young to be awarded the Datukship, that too i beg to differ, she has made Malaysia pround winning titles and holding the NO1 position in the world for almost three years now. Has any Malaysian sportmen or women achieve her feat yet? Hopefully we can have many like her. And as for Sheikh Muszaphar, nothing against him, just don't see any reason whatsoever that he deserve to be awarded a Datukship. Firstly, he was just a mere passenger, and the test he conducted, honestly, did it benefit the nation? What we read about his journey to space was over rated by the main stream media. What i saw on TV live when he was in space,looks like he was playing marbles. Sorry, Sheikh, nothing personal, just being truthful. Here are some of the comments i gathered from Rocky's Blog.

Ng is deserving, and the other two is too early. But amongst the two, Nicol is much deserving as she worked fought hard, and the other is a passenger. You may dissagree with me Rocky, but I do not see a passenger deserving of anything except my utter disgust.

ben said...
Ya, why wait until 43years later to honour.

No wonder more and more great Malaysians are migrating!

Sheesh! What's wrong with our country, people who commit crime can get Tan Sri, Datos, [& other awards] !

fitr said...
That ASStronut....deserving you said?? What the hell did he do upthere for Malaysian mankind?? He was having a space vacation, dressed in tourist spacesuit.

The other 2 very well deserved.

blink4blog said...
well deserved all but the third ones can be avoidable. seems that Malaysians had more Datuks that Sirs at Britainia.

Gods among us/Malaysiakini

Everyone has their own faith or religion. It has and still does guide us in mostly everything we do daily. Let it be Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Budhism, each of this faith or religion we believe in teaches us morals and values of life. We may practise it in different ways but it still points to only goodness. It is sad to see that humans are actually being gods themselves without realizing it. Governments, politicians, and leaders are seen by their followers or supporters as perfect. Nothing or anything for that matter can be said or question of their policies and decisions. Are they right all the time? As much as i want to believe that every human as rights, regardless of their race or religion, sadly it is not so, we are only valued by our wealth, title and positions and not righteous. Who has given us the right to take one's life,(the death penalty)? Who has the right to punish another (by confining without being charged,ISA)? Who has given them the right to invade others by war(Isreal & Palestine, USA & Iraq,Afghanistan, and many more) Who is there to defend us from these HUMAN GODS?

17 July 2008

Dramatic Week!/Malaysiakini.

A week to remember, the barring of the Parliament House, a rare live debate between DSAI & Shabery Cheek, the arrest of DSAI, the arrest of RPK.

In my previous comment i mentioned about the most despised personal of the bunch, is no other than the Home Minister, Syed Hamid Albar, it looks like there is going to be more of him to talk about and i believe it is all going to be negative. It is not so much of him doing his job badly but i guess his character, the show of arrogance(bare in mind he too is not above the law)Barring the public and media from the parliament house with just sheer speculation of a planned demonstration by the opposition is a typical example of his limited intelligence.(Infact he did say not to speculate )Last but not least his attitude,(tidak apa) kind, as shown when answering reporters or the media on the whereabouts of BALA and the arrest of DSAI and the list will go on, that i am sure of.

So much have been said about the Live debate, in the polls done by Malaysiakini, DSAI was the clear winner by a mile, hands down. The PM infact took a gamble approving the debate,as it would either destroy DSAI or damage the reputation and integrity of their policies.I cant blame the Government for not conceding the defeat, Shabery too, would not admit for the fact he was out classed, instead the Government played the PR game, saying that the debate only shows how transparent and liberal they are. Democracy lives! Even the invited panel for the Information Minister, the vice cancellor of UUM,Datuk Nordin Kardi made a fool of himself.(I wonder if he is aware that cats dont lay eggs)No credit was given to DSAI for even trying to share his proposed alternative to reduce the price of fuel.At least it is a positive and i should say praticle proposal(though it can be fine tuned further) given the time. In conclusion DSAI came out of the debate even more favoured to be the next PM.

The highlight of the week, the arrest of DSAI, 15 cars, masked police personals(UTK)to arrest a 61 year old man? The arrest was way beyond the time given for DSAI to make his date at IPK. And as usual,a very lame reason given, "they have reason to believe DSAI would not be present at the IPK" DSAI was made to look like the most wanted criminal that walk across Malaysian soil. I can understand that the police officers was only carrying out their orders but was it necessary to do it in such a manner? To add to DSAI already miserable day, first, interrogation for hours, then to the HKL, again needing 10 cars to escort him there, stripping, measuring his tools, a humilation repeated, haunting him again after ten years. The worst was yet to come, transported him back to IPK and a bare cemented lockup awaited him,he was detained for the night there,sleeping on the cold cemented floor, only to aggravate his back from an old injury inflicted 10 years ago.Sorrowful sight!Release the next day on bail.

Lastly, the arrest of RPK, dont have much to say about him but all i can say is this guy has balls made of steel.In all aspects i see him as committing suicide,he is going against all odds, taking it to the No2 and his wife. But then again i trust he has his reasons, better so, strong evidence to back his SD.It is either going to cost him heavily or he will be a national hero exposing the truth. In a way foolish but i guess it is the principle he has that matters most.Are there any more like him out there?

What a dramatic week!

15 July 2008

Live Debate/Historic Event/Malaysiakini

I guess most of us was glued to the TV watching the live debate between PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar and Information Minister Shabery Cheek.I have said it before and nothing has change, DSAI,with his Charismatic personality showed to the Rakyat why he deserve to be the PM. True to himself he debated like a true professional, keeping in line to the title of the debate, "Hari Ini Bentuk Kerajaan, Esok turun harga minyak." What amazed me was he did not get personal, or politise his arguement, but instead expose the weakness and setbacks of the ruling Government.I am no economist nor politician but i was still able to gather the message DSAI was trying to forward to the Rakyat. Then, coming to our Infomation Minister, Shabery Cheek, i am infact suprise he managed to hold his grounds, but yet again, he showed how raw he was in politics, his points were at times more personal, i believe as a true politician, he should have shown more maturity of his approach to the Rakyat rather than being aggresive and arrogant at the wrong platform. The cabinet could have done better than this, the least they could have done was to get a season politician who had served with DSAI at one point of time in the cabinet. But to the contarary, Syabas to the PM for approving such an event, hopefully there are more in the future. Maybe this time around, the PM should be debating with Tun Dr. Mahatir with DSAI as the invited panel. What say u Rakyat? Definately would be a Blockbuster!

Anwar Most "Wanted" - What about the most Despised ? Many i am sure / Malaysiakini

Anwar seems to be the most popular personal, the mainstream media or for that matter in all medias locally or abroad, good or bad, he is the most talk about person. Well lets see the bunch of most despised personal.

1. AAB our beloved PM, For whatever reasons or excuse given he is seen as one of the worst and weakest PM. Many feels that he is a transitional leader, with poor leadership qualities. But for some unknown reason he still thinks he is popular and likable.Maybe to many cooks(advisors) spoils the soup.

2. Najib Tun Razak, DPM, - known for his swaying ways, "Lallang" (wonder if Tengku Razeliegh has forgiven him) Also link to the on going investigation of the Altantuya murder case.Quiet by nature.But as the saying goes "Still Water Runs Deep"

3. Hishamuddin Hussein, Education Minister/UMNO Youth Chief, - Known for the famous keris issue. Unlike his late father, this lad has an emotional problem.

4. Khairy J, son in law to the PM / Deputy Youth Chief, i believe he has cross many people on his way up the political ladder. Also seen as the "MAN" behind the PM's downfall. An aggresive and hasty politician.

5. Syed Hamid Albar, - Home Minister - i guess he is, at the moment the most depised person of the bunch, after the recent decision of barring the Parliament House, road blocks and causing the worst traffic jam in the City. But whats worst was, an ISA detainee wasnt given the chance to be with his dying daughter.

6. Saiful Buhary - No link in politics - was said to be a coffee boy cum driver for DSAI, I guess an opportunist, accused DSAI of sodomising him, true or false, its still a puzzle, whether it is consensual or violeted(like as though he put up a struggle, you firgure that one out)

Well, thats my choice of the most depised personal, Whats yours?

14 July 2008

Give Us What We Want-Let The Rakyat Speak / Malaysiakini

Give us What We Want! With all the controversy, scandalous,seditious, and what not, after the 12th General Election, In general, the rakyat is not only victimised but also confused of the current crisis. To be fair to us, the opposition and the ruling Government,I guess the only solution here, is to go back to the drawing board, LET THE RAKYAT SPEAK! Dissolve the parliament and call for fresh elections again. I believe this time around the rakyat would give an overwhelming mandate to whom they want, let it be the BN or Pakatan, the results must be accepted. Any takers?

Blackest Monday! / Malaysiakini

What! Rejected! The long awaited No-Confidence motion against the PM was outright rejected by the Speaker on technicality issues.Not urgent or Not public interest was the excuse. According to the Speaker,the debate on the oil price hike filed by the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Misnister Datuk Sharir Abdul Samad on 23rd June was a no-confidence motion. Please tell me he is joking, it is a mockery to the highest degree. Democracy in this country is dead. And what does he means by not public interest, if only the Speaker and the MPs in the Parliament would take a little effort to hear the outcry of the Rakyat demanding for reformation. Every plea or demands made by the Rakyat seem to go with a deaf ear by the BN lead Government. To the Rakyat, just some simple questions, are we really represented in the Parliament? Is our vote worth this much? Does the Government hear our voices, anger and sorrow? We now need another General Election. ASAP! The Blackest Monday in the history of Malaysia.

13 July 2008

For The Rakyat and Rakyat Alone!-Malaysiakini.

There has been so much talk about Unfairness, Racists "Ketuanan Melayu" and many more. The fact is, there are both some truth and lies in these comments i gathered in many blogs regarding this issue. Let's not blame each other for what is laid out in the constitution by our forefathers. I understand how it feels being of a different race compared to the Malays. But not all Malays have the same mindset, some even agree that the NEP needs to be revised for all, that scholarships are to be given by merit and many more previlages. What's more important (being civilised citizen) now is that what and how are we going to overcome this issue. I am sure there is a solution to this, rather than instilling hatred and worse, anger towards each other. I am sure we have friends, neighbours and some inlaws all of which comes from different race, culture and religion. Are we going to let this come in between the peace and harmony that we have enjoyed for so long? I totally agree there are issues that need serious attention as far as race, religion and previlages are concerned. Infact, the leaders from both sides, BN or the Pakatan, are chosen by us, they are no better than us as normal citizen,I don't care a hood what they want to do among themselves, C4, cruxify or even sodomised each other, by all means do so, but they should put the rakyat above their own believes, party and in most cases ambition aside. The stability of the country depends on these very leaders we have chosen.

12 July 2008

Again Ezam Vs Anwar/Malaysiakini.

This issue seems to hog in the news practically everyday. The big two(PM & DPM ) seem quiet about this, diversion i guess. Only yesterday there was a report that police will take action on speculators, Please, please someone tell me how can speculation be stopped when Ezam threatend DSAI with such remarks? This was taken from Audi61 Blog,

"Ezam said he would divulge all he knew about the PKR de facto leader although it would bring disgrace to his children and family as he also wanted to defend his dignity after talks claiming that he received millions of ringgit to join Umno."

Is there more than meets the eyes? Ezam's attack towards Anwar is filled with intense anger and hatred. I have watched a snippet at You Tube,cant seem to get it on this page,or you can view in on Nur Aflah's Blog titled Lawan,Lawan,Lawan of Ezam, The drastic about turn from that piece of video is puzzling compared to what he is saying today.

Now, I am confuse here, who's children and family is going to be disgraced? His or DSAI? Dont you think this will lead the public to make more speculation, already there are 4 hot and high profile issues(Saiful vs Anwar, Bala's SD & SD, Najib & Altantunya and not forgetting the famous Correct, correct, correct case) still under investigation.This cases will take some time before the truth is out, until then the general public is going have alot to talk about.

Sound The Alarm 吹号角: Parliament should be a place of Justice - Malaysiakini

Another typical show of arrogance by the BN, the Parliament is for all, a house for justice. Dont tell me its for security purpose that its out of bounds just because of the no confidence motion filed by the Pakatan. Overall, most of us are cultured and well behaved when it matters, compared to what takes place in the parliament during seatings.Its totally a national mockery. So much for Democracy.

Polis Fury? Malaysiakini

I came across this Blog(Susan Loone's blog) that police will take action against speculators of the two high profiled cases. (Anwar's sodomy allegations and Bala's SD + SD against Najib) If that's going to be case then i believe its going to take a tall order to do so. Humans are generally curious about the unknown, as in these two cases. Let it be speculation, assumption or even worst accusation it boils down to one thing, the TRUTH! The Police force has to gain the confidence of their already tainted image and reputation rather than issuing threats to the rakyat. After all, the police are suppose to protect and uphold the law of the country. I believe if a survey is done, regarding how the rakyat feels towards the force, trust me it will only point towards FEAR.

A Pleasant Suprise long overdue! Datuk Nicol .Malaysiakini

With all the hot and fiery news evolving the political scenario of the country, our own sports squash queen is to be awarded the Darjah Setia Pangkuan which carries the title Datuk , though long overdue but a deserving candidate. A soothing diversion from all the bickering, backstabbing and dramas. Congratulations to Datuk Nicol David, hopefully the country can produce more like her.

11 July 2008

The Rakyat / Political Victims / Malaysiakini.

Most of us are not politicians, just ordinary law abiding citizens, who have chosen leaders to manage the economy, social and unity of this country. Sadly, our leaders failed us miserably. Laws have been abused, corruption is at its highest level and worst the unity, respect and trust we have among the major races has declined. The leaders today has not taken any consideration of what the rakyat and more importantly our children would have to endure in the future. Most of them are ambitious, power crazy and selfish ( whether they realize it or not, only God knows) trying to hold to their position at any cost, as we can see it now the present politic scenario of the country. Name callings, accusation, lies and even using religion as tool to gain support. Is this what we want for our children? Some of them might be future leaders, do we want them to be like the present leaders? We as the rakyat, are victims of these very leaders we chose. We deserve more as MALAYSIANS! Please share your views with me.

Ezam's Official Kept Secrets! What a Joke.


Ezam seem to have so much hatred and bitterness towards DSAI, he has warn PKR that he has kept secrets that will be exposed. It looks like he has this habit of "collecting" or taking secret documents from others. He did it then,(when he was in PKR) remember, the 6 boxes of files on corruption by the BN lead Government. I, and i guess many of us are still waiting for him to expose that, it has been like 10years now, so until that happens, then only will he be taken seriously. Having said that, Umno also has to beware of Ezam's existence in the party or there will be another 6boxes waiting to be revealed.

So Much Of Being Human.........?

Blood-Suckers: Heartless - Soulless - Inhumane Act Berita Malaysiakini Malaysia News Today On Blog

The Home Minister, Syed Albar did it again! So much of being a human.

Heartless - Soulless-Inhumane is too mild a word to describe such a shameful act. Brainless-Animals-Barbaric will be more appropriate. So much have been said about being confined, detained and jailed without being charged, yet again it goes unheard by the Government, and we are suppose to be practicing democracy. Well then the visiting Australian Premier must have got his facts wrong about Malaysia. Our PM did say he is all ears, I guess he needs to see a specialist about his ears. Must be clogged with an overflow of wax.

AG & IGP Investigated by ACA

It will be interesting to know what the findings be, The ACA will be closely monitored not only by the rakyat but also abroad. The agency credibility is at stake. I hope that the ACA will be fair and just in every manner, as the two are high profile figures in their respective field. But i cant understand why, the PM did not suspend the IGP and AG from their duties until the investigation findings are known. How will the both of them carry out their responsibilities and duties when they are under investigation in a serious crime, taking into consideration of the position they are holding in the police force and judiciary. Although there are still innocent until proven guilty, but the case against them is serious, as in the case of Anwar in 1998, he was removed from his position as soon as the case was brought up to the PM. And since the ACA is given more authority and power to prosecute without refering to the AG, i sincerely hope that they will carry out their responsibilities without fear or favour.

09 July 2008

Home Minister / The Missing PI / High Profile witness

A typical example i commented in my last blog about why we need an alternative channel to express our views and also quench our thirst for news. The Home Minister, Syed Hamid Albar, being a man of high standing position couldn't even give a proper answer or explanation to the public of the whereabouts of the missing PI or is it supposed to be classified information only for the Government to know and the rest of us kept in the dark? We have the right to know where he is, as this will only give us more reason to believe that the Government has conspired the retraction of the first SD by the PI. How are we going to feel safe with with such answers from him, he is responsible for approximately 28 million of us, can we safely say that we are in good hands? I read this statement from another blog as how the minister answered to reporters. (Susan Loone's Blog)

“Why you asked me? I also don’t know. I am sure he is somewhere and he might be safe with his family. But I don’t know where he is,” he said when met at the Parliament lobby yesterday.
“Some people are looking for him but could not find him. But I don’t know where he is.”
Asked if there were any immigration records of Balasubramaniam leaving the country, Syed Hamid said he was not aware of it. The minister said he was leaving the matter to the police. “It’s up to the police whether there is any action to be taken or something that we should take action on. The police need to look into it,” he said.

He seem to take a typical "tidakapa" attitude of the issue, it gives me a chill in the spine to think of us having a Home Minister who we lay our life and safety in his hands. May God Bless us all then.

Bloggers Blamed?

Bloggers blamed for penning down their views as reported in Malaysiakini.com by PM. Why? Is it wrong for bloggers to express their frustration, disappointment and anger towards the government or certain politician? It's the failure of the elected MP, representative and the cabinet on the whole that has lead to an alternative channel to express the thoughts of the rakyat. Moreover, all other means of media, TV, news papers and radio are not given the freedom of reporting. In this modern era, and current situation of the country and I believe globally too, people are more concern of only the facts that are printed. It's not so much of trying to convince the mindset of readers but it's the truth that matters. In short or should I say it bluntly for the BN lead Government to understand, EXPOSE, REVEAL and ADMIT your weakness/mistakes. It is like a habit for ministers, MPs, or representative in finger pointing others when they themselves are at fault. Even worse, making uncalled for remarks and at times making sensitive statements. I guess it is time for all those concern, to put all their personal grudges and hatred aside and get down to serious matters concerning the current crisis at home and globally.

07 July 2008

Swearing on the Quran 2- who to believe now?

As i have said it in my recent comments, Religion and Politics don't blend. The whole episode of the sodomy case against DSAI is turning out to be a free for all topic. No holds barred! I, being a muslim myself,(a convert,maybe not in depth) but surely believe in my faith whole heartedly, correct me if i am wrong, in Islam from what i have been taught, a muslim brother should not in anyway try to insult or shame his fellow muslim brothers in public. The entire country, let alone the whole world is of knowledge of the said crime, both the alleged victim and accused is put up for public insult and shame. Think of the families of both the accused and victim, as for DSAI, he has grown up daughters and Saiful, parents, fiancee and relatives to face. In some blogs(malaysiakini.com) some have already made their judgement against the two. And to make matter worst, politicians from rival party is passing their judgement,as though the said accused is guilty. With all this, why drag religion and the Holy Quran into this shameful drama. Even the mufti of Perlis and Perak doesn't share the same common view on swearing the Quran. If this is allowed, then treat all cases involving muslims the same way, swear on the Quran. Its interesting and at times funny to watch and hear about the case, but its all because we ourselves is not in their predicament. Let the law takes its course,(if it does fairly) i believe that slowly but surely the truth will prevail. After all, sodomy in any religion is a mortal sin itself, and it takes two to tango, if the said act actually happen, then both should realize before swearing on the Quran of the consequences.

06 July 2008

Malaysian Politics : Reality/Fantasy/ Drama?

For a couple of weeks now , Malaysia's politics has changed drastically, full of dramas and fantasies. Why does it have to come to this? It started with the famous "correct,correct, correct, Sodomy,(continued from 1998) In reality i dont even care who sodomized who, then SDs after SDs and lately a call to make a "sumpah" at the mosque or upon the Quran. Religion and Politics dont blend together well. Is this politics? I dread to think it is so. The world is all eyes and ears with the on going political fiasco in Malaysia or should i say the nation on the whole is a laughing stock internationally. Murder, sodomy, judiciary, corruption, an incompetent AG and the very agency who is to protect the interest and safety of the rakyat fair no better, the POLICE force! Infact made a mockery of several issues, to name a few is with the BMC incident and lately the molestation and rape of a teenager in a police station( can u believe that?). I guess many of us are feeling tired of the recent events. To think of it, these politicians,judges, police and lawyers are suppose to be highly educated, learned and respectable but i suppose it isnt so afterall. Mere hypocrites, corrupted and childish behaviour is more likely. Infact the layman in the streets are more honest and matured than any of them. Will there be an end to all this fiasco? There are more important issues that are to be adressed now than some circus politics and selfishness of a few individuals, let it be in the Government or Opposition.

02 July 2008

Nuraina A Samad's 3540 Jalan Sudin: The Episode When Ezam Talks......

Nuraina A Samad's 3540 Jalan Sudin: The Episode When Ezam Talks......

I never for once thought to see the day that Ezam would actually be in the BN fold again, after all he went through, the struggle for reformation with DSAI and the party (PKR) itself. Ezam being one of DSAI personal friend, confidant and follower once, turned his back on him, he fought for DSAI, even being charged and thrown in prison. How can all these struggle and believes just vanished from his thoughts? In order for Ezam to comment on DSAI or tarnish his name, its going to take a tall order to do so. Firstly, if he is sincere and truthful to himself he should first reveal all those 6boxes of files on corruption by the BN Government, Although he is a member of BN now, sentiments aside, get those who are responsible for corruption,its his rightful duty for the rakyat ,to do so. His credibilty is at stake here ( or does he have any to begin with).

29 June 2008

Malaysia Waves: Isn’t Saiful Bukhari Physically Stronger than Anwar?

All normal men, (not a homosexual), i guess we will definately avoid advances from the same sex. I wonder why did Saiful Bukhari allowed DSAI to sodomised him, assumingly it did happen, unless he consented the act. From the pics that was posted in a number of blogs, i can see that he is pysically strong and healthy, I am sure he could pysically push DSAI, if he is violated (as if he put up a struggle). Have any of us sit to ponder, how on earth did DSAI stripped him naked,unless he stripped himself to be sodomised. Again, lets not drag religion as an issue here, (unless the trial goes to the Syariah court), which i strongly believe that the case will be thrown out of court. Saiful is just a opportunist! He sees theres no better way climbing up the political ladder easier than this.Its sad to see that to what extent people would do(even it means facing the consequences of shame) to achieve their goals.Sad.......real pathetic and lame.

rocky's bru: If you believed in the Statutory Declaration ...

Not in a million years would i believe that DSAI is a sodomite. Why should he jeopodize is uprising? And as for our police force, credible? After the recent rape and molest in the police station.Well its not the first such incident though. You got to be joking. How on earth are we,as citizens, trust the police force with such incident. Then we have the judiciary, with the VK Lingam case, and the recent confession of some judges accusing the former PM of having control of the judiciary, who and how are we to actually have faith in? How are we ever going to come to terms with the BN lead government,its going to take a long long time for them to win back the trust and confidence of the rakyat.A total fiasco of incompetent clowns with an overflow of garbage and shit in the brains that has and will lead to the downfall of BN on the whole.

Hamidah Osman"s racial slur-malaysiakini.com

Again and again we have such racist remarks from the very people who speaks so much of upholding the religion and race they represent. Hamidah Osman has not only tarnished her own reputation and status as a MP, but worst the whole Malay race and religion. When will they learn how to respect and be more sensitive with issues concerning racial sentiments? She thinks by just making a public apology will heal all wounds? The damage is more than she realize, it's deeper than she thinks,especially with the current state the country is in. As a muslim (convert)myself ,i am ashamed, that a fellow muslim like her could be so inconsiderate and insensitive towards the other races who live and breathe the same air in this country. I for one would love to see that MPs such as her removed from their seats. And to all MALAYSIANS, let it be the Malays, Indians, Chinese and Others, remember we are one, that's MALAYSIANS!

23 June 2008

Philosophy Politics Economics: Teachers & Students Threatened

Pathetic! Shameless & Arrogant! The said school should know better than to get themselves involved in politics. Its afterall just a reunion. What is the government afraid of? It only proves one thing, that the government is so vulnerable and weak that such tactics is needed to prevent their downfall. If any for us can recall during the elections, the government issued a stern warning to students forming a party, infact they were threathend of explusion. I guess the country is heading more to dictatorship ruling. This is said to be a free and democratic country, but it looks like the present style of leadership is nothing but suppression. Sadly, the innocent is victimised due to political rivalry and ideas. Cant wait for the 13th GE.

21 June 2008

rocky's bru: Anwar's Malay agenda (what you read in Singapore papers)

I have been reading blogs, new papers and in malaysiakini.com blogs, so much about "ketuanan " Malay agenda, and many other agendas about the race. I am no politician nor expert( for that matter, no one is, in my opinion) to judge others. I believe only in real true experience are we to see for ourselves, here is a simple and true experience i have gone through. The difference between the goreng pisang seller and the char kuih teow seller(normally chineses) that i know of. The goreng pisang seller(mostly malays) works as he likes, meaning he does his business whenever he feels like even knowing for the fact that he has a family he is responsible to raise. He even potray himself as a pious and responsible man. Yet he gambles his earnings away. He tends to take advantage of others by cheating or lying. The real victim is his wife and children. I can see that they do hope for handouts or charity just to have a proper meal. According to his wife, they were once well off, with a business supplying electrical goods, owns a car and house, even a piece of land. Everything was lost due to the goreng pisang seller. Whereas the char kuih teow seller is more sucessful, he manages his business like a professional, planning his earnings for the future, venturing or expanding his business.Well discipline, work from day to night. Owns a car, house and even giving adequate money for education to his children. The moral of this story is, why do we need to have previlages when others can do without it? Just figure out why some race are more sucessful(EVEN WITHOUT PREVILAGES) and why some who are given and is still dependant.