04 February 2009

Let the people decide!Malaysiakini

The elected 4, not only change the political scenario in Perak but also in principle has shown how degrading, insulting and the worst kind of betrayal known to the human race. They should in fact be the voice of the people, looking after the welfare of the state or their constituency rather than being a bunch of clowns making a mockery of the trust and responsibility there were given to them by the rakyat. The Bota assembly men, Nasaruddin Hashim has shown how immature a politician he is. I am sure that if he loses his seat, trust me ,he will never in a life's time be elected as a MP again not only by the rakyat, but every living creature known on this earth. I feel that our future with jokers like this is bleak, doom. I sincerely hope that the Sultan of Perak will make a wise choice and let the people decide again. And i hope that if this election is to take place, let there be a landslide victory, so there wont be clowns like the 4 running and hopping from one end to the other.

01 February 2009

Should Najib be PM?Malaysiakini.

Should Najib be PM?

I have been reading a few blogs, regarding the PM in waiting, Najib. The comments i read is in fact not surprising about Najib. Honestly i rather have AAB as the PM, not because he is capable, but it is the way he is to leave office as the PM. Everyone in the cabinet make comments like ethics, principles and respect but unfortunately none practice what they preach. It is basically greed and power crazy, self interest above all. Personally, Najib should allow other candidates to challenge him (without the quota system) only then he can rightfully inherit the Premiership with integrity, otherwise he inherited the No1 post due to the controversial system UMNO practices in their choice as the No.1. Sad but true. If Najib believes he has the support of UMNO and the people then i feel that he has nothing to fear, accept all challenges that comes his way.I hope that he will realize that what goes around comes around.

17 August 2008

Respect & Sensitive!Malaysiakini

Let us forget the Permatang Pauh by election, DSAI, Saiful or for that matter our country's political fiasco aside. If our leaders today is not able to unite the people as one, Malaysians, I guess we have to do it ourselves. In their quest for dominance and power they have all forgotten RESPECT & Being SENSITIVE to one another. Is this what was taught to us or them in particular by our forefathers or religion for that matter. Here are some examples that should have not happen but it did, WHY?

1. An MP making racial slur.

2. Teacher making racial slur. A teacher is like a foster parent to any student, we place our trust in teachers to guide, teach and in some cases discipline our children. This particular teacher has not only given the teaching profession a bad image but also in some way created hatred among races. I guess she needs guidance and discipline more than her students.

3. Students marching on the streets when they could have protest their grouses in a more civilised manner, maybe through the University Chancellor. Is this what we want from our children, leave the politicking to the politicians.

4. Don't we have any respect for religion anymore, as seen recently, the swearing on the Quran. The Mosque is a place of worship, and the Holy Quran is suppose to guide us of the teachings of Islam and not be used as a tool to convince others of one's innocence.

5. The Bar Council Forum, blown out of context, when it could have been avoided in a amicable manner. Demonstrators, made sensitive calls for other race to leave the country. Don;t they realise that there are millions in this country who too are citizens, and some have also contributed in some way or another for the growth and prosperity of the country that we all share as MALAYSIANS!

These are only a few of them, I believe there are many more that can be added to this list, I guess our only desire is to have a peaceful and prosperous place to live and earn we all want to call ours, MALAYSIA. Is this so much to ask for?

16 August 2008

In Full Force.Malaysiakini.

The BN machinery is out in full force to deny DSAI a win in the Permatang Pauh by election. Never have I seen such a big turnout on nomination day. All of the BN component party big guns was present. MCA, MIC and Gerakan. The battle begins! I really don't see DSAI losing but ,what kind of dirty tactics and personal attack would come out of this by election? Even the DPM said that in politics nothing is impossible. I wonder what he meant by that. The BN will definitely harp on the sodomy issue, toll and the recent UITM proposal by the Selangor MB. DSAI's former aide, Ezam vows to expose great secrets of his ex boss. Nothing much that we already knew,

1. DSAI had betrayed his race, religion and country by opposing the New Economic Policy.

2. DSAI is the first Malay leader to have criticised and opposed the NEP.

3. The six boxes which were supposedly under his safe keeping is not with him but with DSAI. He now says that he only knew about it.

He also stressed that it is important for the people of Permatang Pauh to choose a leader of integrity. Well said, but I believe coming from EZAM, it is his integrity, betrayal and credibility that is in question now.

I really don't see any use of Ezam, Najib,Samy Vellu and Koh Tsu Koon being there(Permatang Pauh) as it will only cause more damage than good for BN's chance of winning. Well I guess we are going to have one hell of a battle in the coming weeks before the polling day. The people of Permatang Pauh knows best and I trust and believe they will choose a leader based on merits as what they have done in the past elections.

Confused, Liar, Or Plain Stupid!Malaysiakini.

The so called most important sodomy victim, Saiful sweared on the Quran that he was sodomised against his will by DSAI at the Federal Territory Mosque accompanied by his father and relatives. This young man is either confused, lying or plain stupid. Contradictory facts,

1. DSAI was charged with sodomy under section 377B ( meaning having consensual sex against the order of nature). But Saiful repeatedly said that it was against his will. Now, will the charge against DSAI stand? - CONFUSED??

2. It was reported that Saiful was sodomised on several occasion ,the last being on the 26th 0f June 2008 at a Condominium in Damansara. When asked by the press after the swearing ceremony if that was the first time he was sodomised,(26th June 2008) he replied Yes. - LIE

3. Saiful's swearing on the eve of nomination day is seen as political motivated, but he denied saying that it was coincidence and he was not aware of the by election. Another lie, in his blog he did wish DSAI good luck, obviously he was aware of DSAI 's candidacy in Permatang Pauh.

I being a convert, I may not be the perfect muslim but I still find it hard to accept that the Mosque is used as a platform by politicians, the Quran , like all other holy books ,from other religion are for guidance and wisdom not be used to convince or proof one's innocence. We have the Syariah and Civil court for that purpose.

Something Out Of Nothing! Is It Worth It?Malaysiakini

Something Out Of Nothing! Is it Worth It? Malaysiakini.
In my 48 years of existence in Malaysia, I do not know what to feel anymore with the current situation of the country. Take for instance the sodomy issue between DSAI & Saiful, why, does it have to go this far, not enough with worldwide publicity, now, swearing on the Quran, even religion is not spare, being used as a tool for gain.

For the past ten years only two cases of sodomy was reported and both involves DSAI, coincidentally both incident involves at the time of his comeback as a politician. Why should this case be sensationalised to the extent that even other more high profile cases involving the judiciary, murder and corruption is being sidelined. Is Saiful that important to the Government or for that matter to the nation. By admitting or accusing he has been sodomised by DSAI has in fact made him a celebrity for the worse kind and wrong reason, but from his facial expression (TV3 News, and pics in blogs) he seem so relax and in fact enjoying all the attention he is getting. An attention seeker I suppose. Is this all worth it?

If any leaders, either from the BN or Pakatan who happen to come across this blog, please, please, there are more important issues to be addressed, such as putting the nation back on track, economically, socially and most importantly uniting the people as one,(Malays, Chinese,Indians and other smaller ethnic race) Malaysians!

15 August 2008

Does he knows the meaning of Sympathy?Malaysiakini.

UMNO Youth Chief, Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, appeals for sympathy as reported in the Star, Saturday, 16 Aug 2008.

He said " I hope, I beg and I ask for the sympathy of the Permatang Pauh voters for our Barisan candidate because we are the underdog."

Is this the same Chief in command of the UMNO Youth that waved the keris courageously during the UMNO assembly. Amazingly he has come to this, a pathetic and desperate show of losing the by election at Permatang Pauh. As learned as he may be I wonder if he even knows the meaning of sympathy.

His definition of sympathy is solely for BN to win, who is he kidding.

1.What about the sympathy for the Rakyat?

2.The families (wife & kids) whose bread winner are detained under ISA?

3.DSAI's wife, children in particular, his growing daughters, who had to face the public for the humiliation of their father being accuse as a sodomite?

4. The agony and pain of Shalini's & Muhammad Asmawi (still missing) parents, and others with the same faith.

5. Millions of children without homes, in the streets begging. Being used to push drugs?

I believe there are many more, the list can go on forever. And here he his begging for sympathy merely for him and his candidate to stay in power. I for one, don't really care who rules the nation, let it be BN or Pakatan, what matters is the chosen Government is responsible for the well being of the people and country on the whole. I believe there are many who feels the same.

Sacked! Malaysiakini.

It is sad to know that the doctor who first examined Saiful was sacked for not reporting to work since Aug.1st 2008. He was no where to be found or traced, probably he has left the country fearing for his safety and family. Come to think of it, doctor Osman is a victim merely for being ethical and firm of his profession. I sincerely salute this man for his stand.

I hope that both Saiful & DSAI ,(especially Saiful ) realized that they have actually meddled the poor doctor's livelihood. The doctor was only doing is work professionally, his only mistake in this case was being true to himself. I sincerely hope that he will be appreciated by his fellow doctors for upholding the credibility and integrity of the profession.

Good luck and best wishes where ever you may be.

14 August 2008

UITM, Typical Of Them.Malaysiakini.

I am shocked that with just a PROPOSAL ( not decision ) made by the Selangor MB to allow 10% non bumis into UITM, students from the university overacted as though a decision has been made.

Why is he criticised in such a manner?
Why take to the streets?
Are there no civilized way to resolve the issue with the MB?
Why all the fuss with having non bumis among them?

I am sure the MB has only good intention for the future of the university. It will give a chance for the bumi students in a way to compete with the non bumis. After all they (non bumis) wont be there on a free ticket, I am sure they are going to be paying for it. I don't see any of the bumis rights are taken. Understanding and learning the culture of another race and not only expecting others to understand and respects the Malays in particular. Respect is earned and not inherited, show of power or being arrogant. I wonder what will become of this country if these students are to be future leaders someday?

One Too Many! Home Minister.Malaysiakini.

Again the Home Minister, Syed Hamid Albar is in the news, again with contradiction statements. I would admit that i am no learned law maker nor a politician but even an average person can know what is right and wrong. Just to refresh some of his blunders,

1. The sodomy issue between DSAI & Saiful. He said that Saiful cannot be charged as he is the complainant who made a report seeking for justice. Correct me if I am wrong, let say that it was consensual, is the complainant still innocent? It is a crime by law of having sex against the order of nature(sodomy) whether consensual or by forced. So, is Saiful still the victim?

2. The closure of the Parliament on mere speculation or i guess Intelligence report of a planned demonstration. It is this very person who had ask the Rakyat to stop speculating and listening to rumours. It has not only caused inconvenience to the people but also precious time of our enforcement officers.

3. The meeting of foreign dignitaries to explain of the sodomy charges. Does the country really need to explain to the outside world of one mere sodomy case? He need not do so,as it only is going to make them more suspicious of the Governments intention. It is after all just a sodomy case. There are more serious cases that need attention than this humiliating and controversial case. It is again the people who is the victim by politicians.

4. The Conversion Forum by the bar council. He said that we are a multiracial country and we have to be sensitive of our statements or remarks among the other races. True, very well said, but when calls of "Cina babi and India balik" was made by demonstrators outside the forum nothing was said about it by the Home Minister, Is that being considerate, respectful and sensitive to the other race?

5. The UITM intake proposed by the Selangor Menteri Besar. Demonstration by students with banners of the Malay rights being taken from them and even the vice chancellor of UITM who is regarded as a learned person, by right he should set an example to his students and not support street demonstration by his students. After all it is only a PROPOSAL not a decision. The Government (Home Ministry) has always said that street demonstration is not our culture but yet again they allowed this to happen. Why? If it was done by the opposition or a different race group, i believe that the FRU and water canons will be deployed.

Is there going to be an end on racial issues? The country had and has enjoyed peace and harmony among the major races for the past 50 years and I believe the most of us want to go on living peacefully, it is the responsibility of the Government to maintain the peace and uphold the law with all fairness to the Rakyat.

A Converts Dilema! Malaysiakini.

I have been a converted for almost 20 years now, in a recent report, The first lady Datin Jean Abdullah has said that Islam as a religion was easy and simple. True, very true, but the difficulty is made so by the very people we have, had and still depend on to guide and show us the right path.

In my experience as a convert, i have accepted that whatever difficulty and challenges ahead is of God,s will but when i see and hear that even born muslims among themselves are fighting and worse publicly condemns one another,even the mosque is at times politicised. Where does all those believes and teachings we have been taught in Islam gone?

When i first converted to a muslim, the first important thing i was taught is patients, tolerance and principles. Through the years as a convert, i learned that in Malaysia, when you are a muslim meaning you are a Malay,especially when you look like one. I find that most people would either distance themselves (thinking i am a Malay)or take advantage of me(thinking i have privileges as a convert). It is like the Arabs being linked to terrorist in Europe.

The reputation that the Malays has, in actual fact cannot be linked to Islam,true that all Malays are Muslims but Islam did not create their character and habits.

Every religion in general only teaches good. The worst experience i had as a convert is when i came to know of this Malay family who is, you can say poor. I did try everything i can only to help, the man of the house was rather a pious man,so i thought, even to the extend of giving part of my small business to his son in law(a very small share) a rather high salary for a small portion of what he contributed. For an investment of RM5000.00, he had a salary of RM3000.00 a month, only because i thought it would help them. Most of my friends told me that i was too generous. To my disappointment, after 10 months,business was bad,It came to my knowledge he was also selling my product in cash behind my back with no invoice from the company,(the dealer confess to the purchase later) he also ordered parts and goods for his personal usage from my suppliers saying he would pay in cash but never did,(the supplier is still asking for payment of the said purchase) and i had no choice but to let him go. I was not only humiliated, but also cursed with the most rude and outrages accusation by his 21 year old wife. And to make matters worse his father in law lied about me to the family(oh yes he is just a small vendor selling cakes by the roadside) to save his failing marriage. I use to sit with him every night to to console him, he complains of his children not respecting him, his son in law not respecting him and his wife of ignoring him. In fact, his wife did tell me on several occasion that he was an irresponsible man. And it didn't matter if he is gone.

This is a typical example of tarnishing the image of not only the Malay race but also the religion. Is this all what is taught in Islam? Definitely a BIG NO but it is the race that have built this reputation to the religion. I really hope that the religious body of this country would take the necessary action to streamline their policies and also guide the converts with proper tabs of their progress after conversion.

12 August 2008

Civilized,Culture,Tradition,Religion And Most of all, Upbringing! Malaysiakini.

Malaysians or rather Asians in particular is known for their Culture And Traditions. Malaysia is a multiracial country, consisting Malays, Chinese, Indians and other ethnic race, and not forgetting among them consists of interracial marriage. And yet there are remarks and shouts such as "Cina Babi balik China and India balik". Where is the respect and tolerance we once shared among the races? For the past 50 years Malaysia has in fact successfully created a formula that all races live in harmony. Why does the people in particular have to suffer,be divided, suspicious with one another and in recent weeks, it has reach to a level where our Culture, Tradition, Religion and Upbringing is question all because of the political scenario of the country. The differences of political ideas and agenda of our present leaders from both the ruling and opposition party has brought us to this.It is sad that even religion is an issue now. Every religion teaches good, but due to anger and in most cases provocation and instigation, people tend to forget what they preach. The leaders in particular has failed miserably in uniting the people as in the past. If this carries on i sincerely wish that we rather have a King to rule then the present system, at least we wont have racial base party, arguing, fighting for power,instigating and worse provoking even to the smallest issue.