01 February 2009

Should Najib be PM?Malaysiakini.

Should Najib be PM?

I have been reading a few blogs, regarding the PM in waiting, Najib. The comments i read is in fact not surprising about Najib. Honestly i rather have AAB as the PM, not because he is capable, but it is the way he is to leave office as the PM. Everyone in the cabinet make comments like ethics, principles and respect but unfortunately none practice what they preach. It is basically greed and power crazy, self interest above all. Personally, Najib should allow other candidates to challenge him (without the quota system) only then he can rightfully inherit the Premiership with integrity, otherwise he inherited the No1 post due to the controversial system UMNO practices in their choice as the No.1. Sad but true. If Najib believes he has the support of UMNO and the people then i feel that he has nothing to fear, accept all challenges that comes his way.I hope that he will realize that what goes around comes around.

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