17 August 2008

Respect & Sensitive!Malaysiakini

Let us forget the Permatang Pauh by election, DSAI, Saiful or for that matter our country's political fiasco aside. If our leaders today is not able to unite the people as one, Malaysians, I guess we have to do it ourselves. In their quest for dominance and power they have all forgotten RESPECT & Being SENSITIVE to one another. Is this what was taught to us or them in particular by our forefathers or religion for that matter. Here are some examples that should have not happen but it did, WHY?

1. An MP making racial slur.

2. Teacher making racial slur. A teacher is like a foster parent to any student, we place our trust in teachers to guide, teach and in some cases discipline our children. This particular teacher has not only given the teaching profession a bad image but also in some way created hatred among races. I guess she needs guidance and discipline more than her students.

3. Students marching on the streets when they could have protest their grouses in a more civilised manner, maybe through the University Chancellor. Is this what we want from our children, leave the politicking to the politicians.

4. Don't we have any respect for religion anymore, as seen recently, the swearing on the Quran. The Mosque is a place of worship, and the Holy Quran is suppose to guide us of the teachings of Islam and not be used as a tool to convince others of one's innocence.

5. The Bar Council Forum, blown out of context, when it could have been avoided in a amicable manner. Demonstrators, made sensitive calls for other race to leave the country. Don;t they realise that there are millions in this country who too are citizens, and some have also contributed in some way or another for the growth and prosperity of the country that we all share as MALAYSIANS!

These are only a few of them, I believe there are many more that can be added to this list, I guess our only desire is to have a peaceful and prosperous place to live and earn we all want to call ours, MALAYSIA. Is this so much to ask for?

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