12 August 2008

Civilized,Culture,Tradition,Religion And Most of all, Upbringing! Malaysiakini.

Malaysians or rather Asians in particular is known for their Culture And Traditions. Malaysia is a multiracial country, consisting Malays, Chinese, Indians and other ethnic race, and not forgetting among them consists of interracial marriage. And yet there are remarks and shouts such as "Cina Babi balik China and India balik". Where is the respect and tolerance we once shared among the races? For the past 50 years Malaysia has in fact successfully created a formula that all races live in harmony. Why does the people in particular have to suffer,be divided, suspicious with one another and in recent weeks, it has reach to a level where our Culture, Tradition, Religion and Upbringing is question all because of the political scenario of the country. The differences of political ideas and agenda of our present leaders from both the ruling and opposition party has brought us to this.It is sad that even religion is an issue now. Every religion teaches good, but due to anger and in most cases provocation and instigation, people tend to forget what they preach. The leaders in particular has failed miserably in uniting the people as in the past. If this carries on i sincerely wish that we rather have a King to rule then the present system, at least we wont have racial base party, arguing, fighting for power,instigating and worse provoking even to the smallest issue.

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