14 August 2008

A Converts Dilema! Malaysiakini.

I have been a converted for almost 20 years now, in a recent report, The first lady Datin Jean Abdullah has said that Islam as a religion was easy and simple. True, very true, but the difficulty is made so by the very people we have, had and still depend on to guide and show us the right path.

In my experience as a convert, i have accepted that whatever difficulty and challenges ahead is of God,s will but when i see and hear that even born muslims among themselves are fighting and worse publicly condemns one another,even the mosque is at times politicised. Where does all those believes and teachings we have been taught in Islam gone?

When i first converted to a muslim, the first important thing i was taught is patients, tolerance and principles. Through the years as a convert, i learned that in Malaysia, when you are a muslim meaning you are a Malay,especially when you look like one. I find that most people would either distance themselves (thinking i am a Malay)or take advantage of me(thinking i have privileges as a convert). It is like the Arabs being linked to terrorist in Europe.

The reputation that the Malays has, in actual fact cannot be linked to Islam,true that all Malays are Muslims but Islam did not create their character and habits.

Every religion in general only teaches good. The worst experience i had as a convert is when i came to know of this Malay family who is, you can say poor. I did try everything i can only to help, the man of the house was rather a pious man,so i thought, even to the extend of giving part of my small business to his son in law(a very small share) a rather high salary for a small portion of what he contributed. For an investment of RM5000.00, he had a salary of RM3000.00 a month, only because i thought it would help them. Most of my friends told me that i was too generous. To my disappointment, after 10 months,business was bad,It came to my knowledge he was also selling my product in cash behind my back with no invoice from the company,(the dealer confess to the purchase later) he also ordered parts and goods for his personal usage from my suppliers saying he would pay in cash but never did,(the supplier is still asking for payment of the said purchase) and i had no choice but to let him go. I was not only humiliated, but also cursed with the most rude and outrages accusation by his 21 year old wife. And to make matters worse his father in law lied about me to the family(oh yes he is just a small vendor selling cakes by the roadside) to save his failing marriage. I use to sit with him every night to to console him, he complains of his children not respecting him, his son in law not respecting him and his wife of ignoring him. In fact, his wife did tell me on several occasion that he was an irresponsible man. And it didn't matter if he is gone.

This is a typical example of tarnishing the image of not only the Malay race but also the religion. Is this all what is taught in Islam? Definitely a BIG NO but it is the race that have built this reputation to the religion. I really hope that the religious body of this country would take the necessary action to streamline their policies and also guide the converts with proper tabs of their progress after conversion.

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Sam Din said...

Stop politiking malays are muslim and muslims are malay. The malays have preveledges and non-malay muslims don't have previleges. The constitution says that precisely but never in islamic faith, iman. Your faith in Islam is higher than country's constitution. Your faith is not to have faith in such constitution. The constitution is not a justified jurisprudence that says malays are muslim and muslim are malays. & only malays have previledges. This disturbing to your faith & distort logics. You can be a good muslim without taking malay-muslim constitutional chouvalistic faith. You have high moral. You can do more. Discard those who take advantage of you & that happen to be a malay, the unislamic malay.