16 August 2008

Something Out Of Nothing! Is It Worth It?Malaysiakini

Something Out Of Nothing! Is it Worth It? Malaysiakini.
In my 48 years of existence in Malaysia, I do not know what to feel anymore with the current situation of the country. Take for instance the sodomy issue between DSAI & Saiful, why, does it have to go this far, not enough with worldwide publicity, now, swearing on the Quran, even religion is not spare, being used as a tool for gain.

For the past ten years only two cases of sodomy was reported and both involves DSAI, coincidentally both incident involves at the time of his comeback as a politician. Why should this case be sensationalised to the extent that even other more high profile cases involving the judiciary, murder and corruption is being sidelined. Is Saiful that important to the Government or for that matter to the nation. By admitting or accusing he has been sodomised by DSAI has in fact made him a celebrity for the worse kind and wrong reason, but from his facial expression (TV3 News, and pics in blogs) he seem so relax and in fact enjoying all the attention he is getting. An attention seeker I suppose. Is this all worth it?

If any leaders, either from the BN or Pakatan who happen to come across this blog, please, please, there are more important issues to be addressed, such as putting the nation back on track, economically, socially and most importantly uniting the people as one,(Malays, Chinese,Indians and other smaller ethnic race) Malaysians!

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