16 August 2008

Confused, Liar, Or Plain Stupid!Malaysiakini.

The so called most important sodomy victim, Saiful sweared on the Quran that he was sodomised against his will by DSAI at the Federal Territory Mosque accompanied by his father and relatives. This young man is either confused, lying or plain stupid. Contradictory facts,

1. DSAI was charged with sodomy under section 377B ( meaning having consensual sex against the order of nature). But Saiful repeatedly said that it was against his will. Now, will the charge against DSAI stand? - CONFUSED??

2. It was reported that Saiful was sodomised on several occasion ,the last being on the 26th 0f June 2008 at a Condominium in Damansara. When asked by the press after the swearing ceremony if that was the first time he was sodomised,(26th June 2008) he replied Yes. - LIE

3. Saiful's swearing on the eve of nomination day is seen as political motivated, but he denied saying that it was coincidence and he was not aware of the by election. Another lie, in his blog he did wish DSAI good luck, obviously he was aware of DSAI 's candidacy in Permatang Pauh.

I being a convert, I may not be the perfect muslim but I still find it hard to accept that the Mosque is used as a platform by politicians, the Quran , like all other holy books ,from other religion are for guidance and wisdom not be used to convince or proof one's innocence. We have the Syariah and Civil court for that purpose.

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Saiful already sweared..ANWAR WHEN..