14 August 2008

UITM, Typical Of Them.Malaysiakini.

I am shocked that with just a PROPOSAL ( not decision ) made by the Selangor MB to allow 10% non bumis into UITM, students from the university overacted as though a decision has been made.

Why is he criticised in such a manner?
Why take to the streets?
Are there no civilized way to resolve the issue with the MB?
Why all the fuss with having non bumis among them?

I am sure the MB has only good intention for the future of the university. It will give a chance for the bumi students in a way to compete with the non bumis. After all they (non bumis) wont be there on a free ticket, I am sure they are going to be paying for it. I don't see any of the bumis rights are taken. Understanding and learning the culture of another race and not only expecting others to understand and respects the Malays in particular. Respect is earned and not inherited, show of power or being arrogant. I wonder what will become of this country if these students are to be future leaders someday?


KW said...

I am fully agreed with En Iskandar on your view. Happy to see a true matured and wise Malaysian.

It has been 50 years since independence and yet ,these students still living in an apartheid era. Even Obama was selected by the white Americans to be their possible next President.Unfortunately, these future leaders of Malaysia were still thinking back that the just obtained independence from the British.

Saya, mempunyai ramai kenalan yang berugama Islam.Malah nama samaran saya di kampung saya ialah 'Mangkuk'...If any of you were to be raised in Kampung Melayu in Penang, I believe they are many Malay friends will support my statements.

I even have a close friend which I fondly called Abang Man who against the special rights to be given to the Bumis. I asked him why many years back.'Why must we be given the special rights while fellow other races Malaysian were not given?, You think it's good that the Goverment spoonfeed us instead of competing against each other fairly ?'

I was so impressed by his statement. I visited his office after that and I can see all sorts of articles and paper cut outs being place all over his office in Taman Pertama in Cheras.Today,he's a very successful businessman and well respected by other races.

Talking about UITM,I salute the MB for the vision he has got in his mind.He sincerely made a proposal and our so called future leaders (students) reacted like they are governing the country.What is tha to worry about to give other races a chance to excel in their study so we could have a better Malaysia.Why scare of competition?

These students should have been spending their time to excell in their study and not involve in political issues.Even worst there were NGOs who added more heats into a mere proposal.

Malaysians,please wake up!!! Malays,chinese,indians,punjabi etc... or shall we change the country's name to Melayusia instead.It would be well received by those who stormed the Bar Council Forum and hit hard at Selangor MB...

To all my friends at my kampung...minta maaf dan jangan marah kat Mangkuk,ok?:)

lleekh said...

The majority has gone mad! How unreasonable can you be. Cant the MB make a "suggestion"? A suggestion. And that with good intentions. If you dont agree then time to come forth with proper facts and arguments. Everybody can understand the concerns. But a University is supposed to train people to think, to gather facts and information, to engage in intellectual discourse! What sort of a university is UiTM? I think the VC should have his head checked! Rename the university. School for Racial Superiority!

DR SURESH said...

When I read all these articles about UITM I dont feel angry but feel dissapointed and sorry for all these malay students.They are living life in a cocoon with a siege mentality.It has been widely aknowledged that many of these graduates are unemployed,some working for a meagre salary of RM800/mth.Many multi national companies are shunning them because of their poor knowledge,poor leadership quality,low self esteem etc.They dont want to realize that by allowing some bright brains in they can actually be more competitive and knowledgeable which would only imrove their ability to be competitive hence widening their chances in getting employed in the local and international job market.

They are also unable to realize that the UMNO putras do not want them to be brilliant, if that happens they may question the UMNO putras hence a threat to their positions.As long as these malay students can be kept as mediocre students UMNO wll be needed by them.Therefore I feel sad that these students will never ever achieve world standards in education.For me it doesn't really matter if they do not want to admit non-bumis as all these will make non-bumis only more resilient to achieve greater heights in life.So eventually they are the losers,sad though,but what can we do if they themselves do not want to open their eyes?Another sad day in the history of our once strong,competitive and a brilliant nation.Therefore I urge all my non-bumi brothers and sisters to ignore this UITM uproar and focus on your lives.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

How we hope there are more people who think
Not with their mouths but with their brains
Never to be regarded as anything close to a fink
Lest all their formal education goes down the drains

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 150808
Fri. 15th Aug. 2008.