14 August 2008

One Too Many! Home Minister.Malaysiakini.

Again the Home Minister, Syed Hamid Albar is in the news, again with contradiction statements. I would admit that i am no learned law maker nor a politician but even an average person can know what is right and wrong. Just to refresh some of his blunders,

1. The sodomy issue between DSAI & Saiful. He said that Saiful cannot be charged as he is the complainant who made a report seeking for justice. Correct me if I am wrong, let say that it was consensual, is the complainant still innocent? It is a crime by law of having sex against the order of nature(sodomy) whether consensual or by forced. So, is Saiful still the victim?

2. The closure of the Parliament on mere speculation or i guess Intelligence report of a planned demonstration. It is this very person who had ask the Rakyat to stop speculating and listening to rumours. It has not only caused inconvenience to the people but also precious time of our enforcement officers.

3. The meeting of foreign dignitaries to explain of the sodomy charges. Does the country really need to explain to the outside world of one mere sodomy case? He need not do so,as it only is going to make them more suspicious of the Governments intention. It is after all just a sodomy case. There are more serious cases that need attention than this humiliating and controversial case. It is again the people who is the victim by politicians.

4. The Conversion Forum by the bar council. He said that we are a multiracial country and we have to be sensitive of our statements or remarks among the other races. True, very well said, but when calls of "Cina babi and India balik" was made by demonstrators outside the forum nothing was said about it by the Home Minister, Is that being considerate, respectful and sensitive to the other race?

5. The UITM intake proposed by the Selangor Menteri Besar. Demonstration by students with banners of the Malay rights being taken from them and even the vice chancellor of UITM who is regarded as a learned person, by right he should set an example to his students and not support street demonstration by his students. After all it is only a PROPOSAL not a decision. The Government (Home Ministry) has always said that street demonstration is not our culture but yet again they allowed this to happen. Why? If it was done by the opposition or a different race group, i believe that the FRU and water canons will be deployed.

Is there going to be an end on racial issues? The country had and has enjoyed peace and harmony among the major races for the past 50 years and I believe the most of us want to go on living peacefully, it is the responsibility of the Government to maintain the peace and uphold the law with all fairness to the Rakyat.


chong said...

racial issue is BN's sure win tactic. they will not give it up.

Jeeivan said...

My learned Muslim friend who had been a senior officer with civil service until his retirement told me this.

"This country will never change. The government and its leaders have made the civil servants as BN's loyal servants. Their two word mantra is - Malay & Islam and Ketuanan Melayu. It doesn't matter how badly the qualification and ability of the man who sits on top, so long he is a Malay Muslim. The pitiful part is that the Malays are in the process of self destruction.

And whenever we have some good capable Malays who have liberal thinking, they would be side-lined or pushed down with the calls that they are less Malay or Muslim. Look at Musa Hitam, he could have done better than Mahathir if he was the PM but he was rejected as he was considered less Malay just because he had married a non-Malay.

UMNO’s strength has always been and will always be in playing Malay politic and Ketuanan Melayu. In the last 50 years they have managed to produce another generation who would go to street to fight for the same cause but not for competitiveness in the world arena.

So, I tell you my dear young man, as an experienced man. Don’t take things personally as you are also part of this mindset. Your MIC and MCA leaders helped UMNO to achieve this great goal. Just go and concentrate how you could make life for yourself and your family. In fact if you could, thank UMNO as they have made you a survivor with least help in the case of Malay they can’t”.

Does this advice make sense to you? I find it does, looking at what are going through now.