15 August 2008

Sacked! Malaysiakini.

It is sad to know that the doctor who first examined Saiful was sacked for not reporting to work since Aug.1st 2008. He was no where to be found or traced, probably he has left the country fearing for his safety and family. Come to think of it, doctor Osman is a victim merely for being ethical and firm of his profession. I sincerely salute this man for his stand.

I hope that both Saiful & DSAI ,(especially Saiful ) realized that they have actually meddled the poor doctor's livelihood. The doctor was only doing is work professionally, his only mistake in this case was being true to himself. I sincerely hope that he will be appreciated by his fellow doctors for upholding the credibility and integrity of the profession.

Good luck and best wishes where ever you may be.

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