15 August 2008

Does he knows the meaning of Sympathy?Malaysiakini.

UMNO Youth Chief, Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, appeals for sympathy as reported in the Star, Saturday, 16 Aug 2008.

He said " I hope, I beg and I ask for the sympathy of the Permatang Pauh voters for our Barisan candidate because we are the underdog."

Is this the same Chief in command of the UMNO Youth that waved the keris courageously during the UMNO assembly. Amazingly he has come to this, a pathetic and desperate show of losing the by election at Permatang Pauh. As learned as he may be I wonder if he even knows the meaning of sympathy.

His definition of sympathy is solely for BN to win, who is he kidding.

1.What about the sympathy for the Rakyat?

2.The families (wife & kids) whose bread winner are detained under ISA?

3.DSAI's wife, children in particular, his growing daughters, who had to face the public for the humiliation of their father being accuse as a sodomite?

4. The agony and pain of Shalini's & Muhammad Asmawi (still missing) parents, and others with the same faith.

5. Millions of children without homes, in the streets begging. Being used to push drugs?

I believe there are many more, the list can go on forever. And here he his begging for sympathy merely for him and his candidate to stay in power. I for one, don't really care who rules the nation, let it be BN or Pakatan, what matters is the chosen Government is responsible for the well being of the people and country on the whole. I believe there are many who feels the same.

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Kinetic said...

from his words, we already know they care for their interest only. He should not beg the rakyat, but start to do the things right and serve the rakyat well. There is already few months from GE, yet we see nothing has improved but to add salt to wound, declining in races unity and rakyat's welfare. They are not pitty, we, the rakyat is pitty and suffering. We, rakyat, is the time to heal our nation and cannot put hope in BN anymore.